Why does your loving boyfriend keep breaking up with you only to come back days later if he is not sleeping with other women?


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Kick him to the curb.... He's just playing you... Don't let him back in. Is he impulsive? Does he have a quick temper? Is breaking up his answer every time he doesn't get his way? If not, then he's playing a not-so-clever game: He's breaking up with you in order to appease his conscience and give himself some sort of cover for having sex with other women. He's rationalizing that since he's no longer with you during those temporary breaks, he's not cheating on you. So don't buy his line about not sleeping with other women.

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Maybe consider having or discuss having an open relationship with your boyfriend. It is okay to be attracted to other guys because that's part of human nature, but if you want to cheat on him, consider breaking up. At least that way you can still maintain a healthy relationship with him, if you want it, and keep your dignity.

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