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They do this because it becomes mating season.

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Q: Why does your male dog get aggressive once a year?
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Does a male dog get aggressive after being laid?

No because it is not agressev

Female dog beating up male dog?

It is common for a female dog to become aggressive with a male, maybe because of lack of space or just wanting to be alone. Equally, if the male tries to mate with her and she doesnt want to, she will also become aggressive over that! Hope it helps :)

Should you separate your female dog and puppies from the male dog?

Yes that would be the best thing to do as the male will get aggressive at new dogs in his territory

Is a male lab x dog more aggressive than a female?


Why are dogs aggressive?

Dogs can be aggressive because of neglect, mistreatment, and the environment in which they live in. Also, it can be because that dog was used for dog fighting once, and or the owner made them aggressive, to be used as guards!

Is it better for a dog to be neutered?

Not for the dog !! However if you are an owner and you are not going to be breeding from a bitch, then it is best. And if a dog (male) is aggressive then it is best for a dog too.

Does a male dog around the female dog effect when she goes into heat?

the male dog will get aggressive towards any other male and maybe to you if you try to pull him away from the female i know this as i have a 10 year old lab and he has never bitten but when he smelt a female was in season he bit as we tried to pull him away

Why would a male dog sniff a female dog and then bite her?

If the biting happens, the male may be aggressive, or the female has a scent of another dog that he doesn't like. It could also be an indication that the male likes the female.

Can a 15 year old male dog mate?

can a 15 year old male dog make puppies with my 2 year old dog

What does the name kalab mean?

It is a male name. It is of Hebrew origin. It means 'dog; tenacious and aggressive'.

Why does your dog keep being aggressive to the male dog you want her to mate with?

MAYbe she doesnt like him or maybe she wants a better doggy

Why do male dogs act aggressive when another male is around besides territorial reasons?

It could be multiple issues. If there is a female, even if she is not in heat, they could get protective over her, or if they feel threatened by this other male dog they will become aggressive.

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