Why does your motor make a tapping noise when you first start your car and after it has run for a while is it valve tap and how can you fix it?

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There could be various reasons for the tapping. My first inclination would be to check the oil dipstick level and be certain that the oil has been changed. Worn out dirty oil will wear out a motor fast. You could need the valves adjusted or something replaced in the valve train. However, it could be something more serious. If it is louder than just a mere tapping, I would say that you possibly have a rod knocking. If you catch this early enough, then it could be fixed by a mechanic with a few parts. If you wait too long, then the rod could eventually eat through your engine wall. The only safe way to fix that would be to replace the engine block or the whole engine.
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What causes a tapping noise when starting the engine?

The tapping noise while warming up in the Grand Am GT's is nothing to worry about. These vehicles have the 3.4 Liter V6 engine and due to the design of these engines, it is simply oil entering the engine that causes this sound. If you noticed once it is warm the tapping ceases. Like I said need not ( Full Answer )

What is the problem with a 1997 Grand Am GT if it taps when first started and smoothes out after the car run for a while?

What you are hearing is the lifters tapping. Lack of oil changes,using poor quality of oil,wrong viscosity, and dirty oil filterswill cause this. The engine bearings may be getting worn as well. Change your oil regularly with good quality products, add in someoil treatment like Lucas oil stabilizer ( Full Answer )

Why would tapping on a Cavalier coil assembly make it run fine when otherwise it stutters and misses and does not want to start or run correctly?

Answer . \nReplace the coil pack. You can buy this part at any auto part store and have a nechanic put it in for you or do it yourself if yer feelin froggy\nbut you need a new coil assembly or new wiring and connection to it. you can also probably find a good coil assembly from a junkyard as thes ( Full Answer )

I have a 1990 cavalier z24 when you first start the car the rpms are around 1000 rpm then when you drive for a while when you idle at the light it runs around 500rpm and the motor runs ruff?

Answer . \nMy son has an 1989 z24 that was doing the same thing. After changing all the sensors and plugs, plugwires,fuel filter,coils,throttle position sensor i deceided to attempt to change the fuel pressure regulator while releiveing the pressure off the fuel rail i noticed fuel had been leak ( Full Answer )

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Answer . \nIt will depend on the type of faucet if it is a three handle or has a popup in the spout popup in the spout will be the easiest to repair do so just by replacing with a new spout if it is a three handle you will have toremove the center handle and then remove the stem there will be a ( Full Answer )

How do you start a car by tapping starter with screwdriver?

Starter problems . You cant really, sometimes shadetree mechanics can get a few extra weeks out of a starter that has a bad solenoid by hitting the starter with something. After a while that wont work either. You can use a screwdriver to cross connect the two large terminals on the starter to byp ( Full Answer )

What is tap?

Tap dance is where you are wearing 'tap shoes' which have got two metal slabs, one on the heel, and one on the toe. You move your feet to the beat, and your feet tap. There are some very difficult moves in tap.

What causes valves on a Chevy smallblock to come loose making a tapping noise?

Mosy likely you have a camshaft that is going flat. When a piston goes up and down it pushes a rod that sits on the camshaft lobe or the high part of a cam shaft. This in turn pushes the valves. The motor spins turning the crankshaft which in turn spins the camshaft. When you have one or two valves ( Full Answer )

Why would you hear a tapping noise when your Chevy cavalier is running?

A tapping noise is generally the result of a bad hydraulic lifter, plugged oil passage to the lifter, or bad tappets. Sometimes just changing to lower viscosity high detergent oil will cure it. Or "Any automotive oil additive with the word MIRACLE in it".

What is taps?

"Taps" is another name for tap shoes people who are in tap call tap shoes taps! i know because I'm in it!

Mazda b2000 tapping noise?

The Mazda B2000 was equipped from the factory with mechanical lash adjusters. These need to be adjusted about once a year to maintain proper lash between the lash adjuster and the valve tip. To get to the rocker arms remove you're valve cover. In order to make an adjustment the cam follower must be ( Full Answer )

Tapping noise when I start the car?

ck your oil level make sure it is up to the top line........................you have a clasped lifter does it quite down when it gets warm

How costly is a Valve tap repair?

The cost of a valve tap repair will vary based on various factors.If you do it yourself, it may cost about $40 but if you take to aprofession mechanic, you can pay up to $60.

What is making tapping noise Isuzu Rodeo?

Im not sure, I have the same problem on my 96 rodeo 4 cyl 2.6LI did some research and I've found that it could by my flywheel i don't believe it was replaced when they changed my clutch but I cant say for sure I just bought it like that

Parked car over night in 10-25 degree weather snowing and icy car has always been garaged and always started Now it makes a tapping noise when you try to start it not like a dead battery?

The battery has chilled, it will need to be warmed up. Put it on charge for about an hour or so, then try again. The temperature of the electrolyte, is critical to the efficiency of the Electrolytic process used by the battery to produce power. A cold battery is the No. 1 cause of winter starting ( Full Answer )

Your suzuki samurai is making a loud tapping noise you checked the valves somebody told you about a pin holding something in the head coming outI dont really know what he was talking about?

more than likely it's not in the head, it's probably going to be in the bottom end. It could be a rist pin or a rod cap.. Another case might be that it is the well known 'piston slap' that most all suzukis make when they are cold. If your engine never warms up it may go on forever.

What would make a tapping noise when vehicle is turned on then noise quits after ten minutes?

1. One or more lifters in the valve train system may be stuck in the compressed position due to sludge or other buildup from less than optimal oil change periods. As the engine warms up the combination of heat and warm oil softens the buildup enabling the lifter to expand and remove any slack in the ( Full Answer )

1994 ford Taurus multi-purpose relay makes noise and car won't start. Tap the relay switch noise quits and car starts but then quits running.?

Replace the relay! When it makes the noise it has a loose connection. When you tap it, you temporarily knock the loose connection into place. It makes contact. It soon gets out of place and disconnects your circuit or causes a short. Stop messing around. Replace the broken part. It is 15 years old. ( Full Answer )

Car makes a tapping noise when car speeds up so does the tapping?

well to answer you original question, i would need to ask questions, number one; wheres does the noise seem to be coming from? number two; is it directly related to how much the throttle? answer, possibly from it being a front wheel drive car and it being the axel, if it is just speed related then i ( Full Answer )

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There is a restriction in your water lines or faucet. What happens is the pressure builds up in the water lines giving u a initial full volume of water and then starts to run at half or even less pressure. This usually occurrs on the hot side if u have galvinized water lines the cold sometimes will ( Full Answer )

1998 Honda civic 1.6l tapping noise when car is first started?

Most probably the noise is piston slap, this noise is heard when the engine is cold and disappears when the engine is hot. if the slap is very strong when the engine is cold and the noise becomes less when hot but still the noise can be heard.

Would having the wrong octane make a tapping noise in the motor and make the check engine light come on?

Not sure about the check engine light; however, several of the Hondas, I have owned, acted as if they were missing or mis-firing because someone had put 85 gas rather than the 87 required for that specific engine. As I recall I put half tank of the highest octane 91 in the car to blend with the 85 a ( Full Answer )

What are tapping valves?

Tapping valves is a noise made by too much clearance between the valve lifter and the valve. Modern engines have hydraulic lifters. If you have too little oil pressure or run the engine low on oil, the lifters will make noise. The lifter can also wear out.

Why is your car engine making a tapping noise?

There are so many possibilities! . Check the oil level, if it is too low, you could be in trouble. . There could be a belt or flywheel that has a bit frayed slapping against something, . You could have caught some trash in a flywheel or fan belt or just the fan. . Excess vibration may have ( Full Answer )

How do you stop an engine valve tap?

Valve taps often occur as a result of a misalignment in the fitting they are in, or a worn out valve seat. In many cases, a new valve spring and cam adjustment will fix the problem, but if it the result of a worn out valve seat, it will have to be machined.

Why do you hear a valve tap when you start your car when its cold?

Because the oil has settled to the bottom of engine, colder weather causes oil to thicken,and it takes a minute to circulate back up to the rest of the engine,causing a light lifter tapping sound. let it idle for a few minutes before driving. If it persists after warm-up, you may need new lifters ( Full Answer )

What would cause a loud tapping noise under the valve cover that gets?

if you think about whats underneath the tappet cover, it should be noises that's made by the tappets or the mechanisms that drives the valves. if the valves are driven by an over head camshaft, there could be play between the camshaft and the rockers that pushes the valves down, or play between the ( Full Answer )

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