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you may have a loose clamp holding it. You could have a rock in it.

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Q: Why does your muffler makes a rattle noise?
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What is causing the rattle under your car?

Rattling noise is probably just a loose muffler, muffler pipe, or a loose heat shield that is hitting chasey or something else.

Which part of a rattlesnakes body makes the rattle noise?

Im pretty sure that the rattlesnake makes its noise from its tail by ... well rattling it

Vehicle makes noise only in morning?

What kind of noise? Hum/click/rattle/knock/squeal?

Part of car that makes noise?

Engine. Horn. Muffler. Stereo. Brakes.

What animal or insect makes a baby rattle noise?

Where I live I hear these beetles making a rattle noise. And we all know snakes. I can hear the beetles now. It's beautiful.

How can you get your car to hiss with no turbo?

they sell inserts for your muffler that simulate the noise a turbo makes

Name a part of car that makes noise?

horn, engine, flat tire, muffler,springs

What is wrong with your car if it makes a humming noise and makes a grinding noise when you turn the wheel when you are not driving and a loud sound comes from the muffler?

as far as the humming noise and the grinding noise it sounds like your power steering pump is either out of fluid or gone bad completely. as for the muffler? ?MAYBE? the strain from the bad power steering pump is overworking the engine causing it to make noise? answer definetly a bad steering pump as for muffler, the sound can be transfred and magnified on a car, replace steering pump before bothering about the muffler sound may be gone

What makes a growling noise and vibrates the car the faster the car goes the louder the noise?

Check under your car... you may have lost a muffler.

What words can describe rattle snakes?

They have rough skin they are really scary they have a tail that makes noise.

What is a muffler?

A muffler is a part of a car that silences the noise of a vehicle's engine.

How do you say a car 'rattle' in Hebrew?

rattle (car noise) = nekisha (נקישה)

What is green muffler pollution?

Green muffler is used to fight noise pollution.

Why after hitting a bump your car now makes a loud banging noise coming from underneath?

Muffler loud noises

What is baffels in automobile?

Baffles are found inside the muffler. They are used to silence the noise an engine makes while running.

Is there a ball in a rattlesnake's tail?

Nope - the rattle noise is caused by the last few segments of a Rattle snake's tail rubbing together - creating the classic rattle noise.

You hear noise coming out of your muffler what could be the problem?

the reason you here noise from your muffler are because less pressure from your engine is going fast.

My 1999 dodge Dakota engine makes a vibrating noise at 3000 rpm when driving and stooped?

your car is making that noise because your muffler needs oil and fume

What is a turbo resonator on a Dodge Sprinter?

The resonator is a "muffler" used in the turbocharger plumbing to quiet the turbo noise.The resonator is a "muffler" used in the turbocharger plumbing to quiet the turbo noise.

What is a rock muffler?

A Rock muffler (or silencer in British English) is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by a machine.Rock muffler - rigid silencer muffler

How do the rattlesnake's rattle help?

The rattle is used as a warning. Most animals are afraid of something they don't understand. The noise the rattle makes is not a 'normal' noise - most animals are startled by the noise, and leave the snake alone.

Will catalytic converters make a rattle noise?

It shouldn't make a noise unless the holding bracket is busd. If the catalylist inside is broken, it will rattle.

Why muffler makes rattling sound on Saturn 2000?

mufflers have fan pins on the inside, one could have broken off and once you get to a certain speed it would rattle

What are the symptoms of a bad Catalytic converter in a Dodge Dakota?

i had one go bad an it started out with a slight rattle when the engine was running at idle. You cannot notice the noise at speed . Took the truck to a muffler shop and had it inspected and replaced. you could shake the cat and hear the baffle rattle inside

What makes a rattle noise only when your driving and when you press the gas?

This be a wide range of things does it make the noise when the vehicle is in park and you rev up the engine ? It could be a heat shield on the exhaust system. it does not make the noise if it is just idling....but if you press the gas it makes a noise and when ur driving it makes noise. But I had to put a flang where the header conects to the exaust cuz it was leaking and i thought that was where the noise was comin from but its still makin the noise.