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Some cats, especially males, sometimes still hump is just due to his nature. While the cat is completely sterilised, sometimes the instinct to mate stays with the cat. This happens usually with cats who have been neutered well after they have reached sexual maturity at six months.

While this behaviour is possibly unwanted, it is perfectly natural to the cat and ultimately does not cause any harm. You could, however, curb the behaviour by distracting him with toys, treats, etc.

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No, they just have legs, four legs no arms.

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Giraffes have four legs, but no arms.

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A person who has paralysis from the waist down is known as a paraplegic. This means both of their legs are paralyzed. A quadriplegic is paralyzed from the neck down and has lost the use of both arms and both legs.

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The medical term for arms and legs is limbs, with arms being upper limbs and legs being lower limbs.

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dfsbv hcildbf what shapes and supports your arms and legs?

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