Why does your overdrive off light flashon my 1996 sable?

I would get your car in to get your transmission checked as soon as possible.

I bought my 1996 Mercury Sable used a little over a year ago. The first day I got it, the overdrive off light would blink after I was doing 45-50 for about 10 minutes. I brought it back to the dealer and asked about it, and he told me, "All old Mercury Sables do it, don't worry about it."

It's a little over a year later and I've started having transmission problems out of the blue. My car has been bucking when it's in first gear and dies when I come to a complete stop unless I throw it in neutral. The service engine light came on when this started, so I brought it in fairly quickly. Come to find out the overdrive off light blinking meant the overdrive wasn't working properly this entire time, and now the transmission needs to be replaced to fix it - about $2000. Unfortunately my dealer warranty has expired now, even though my dealer told me it wasn't an issue, but I advise you to get it checked.