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Could be your steering fluid is low? My 1982 GMC pickup truck makes a noise when my steering wheel fluid gets low.

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Q: Why does your power steering make a noise when you turn sharp?
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Why would a power steering pump make noise after bleeding it?

After bleeding the power steering the pump may make a noise because there isn't enough power steering fluid in it.

Is making noise when you turn the steering wheel?

If you mean "what" is making noise when you turn the steering wheel? It usaually means you need power steering fluid. If you run too long without power steering fluid it will make your power steering go out. If it is making a shuttering noise when you take sharp turns. Your rear differential may need to be serviced. I would have is burnished.

Why does your steering wheel make a noise when you turn it?

check your power steering fluid

Why does your steering wheel make a noise when turning it?

power steering fluid not filled?

Does the power steering pump make a noise when it is going out?

Yes it does. Check your power steering fluid level.

Why does power steering make noise?

check the power steering fluid level. I would have to say your low on fluid.

Why would a Ford Mustang steering wheel make noise when you turn the wheel?

Check the fluid in the power steering. If it is low the car will make noise when you turn the wheel.

Why does my van make a whining noise especially when you turn?

It is likely to be the power steering pump complaining that the power steering fluid is low.

Why doesnt power steering pump make any noise?

It's not supposed to.

Is the Whining noise when I make turns in my Chevy Impala my Power Steering?

check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir and make sure it's where it should be.

What causes power steering pump to make noise on 94 Toyota Corolla?

If your power steering pump makes a whining noise as you turn your steering wheel your power steering fluid reservoir is probably empty. The noise is caused when your power steering pump tries to pump fluid that is not there. This indicates that you probably have a leak somewhere in your power steering fluid lines. You can either try to find the leak or simply replace the power steering fluid every so often.

Whats the noise my power steering is causing from?

Most power steering noise is caused by low fluid level. Check level in reservior. Other check is make sure belt is tight.

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