Why does your shower leak once the toilet is flushed?


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The drains for the shower, toilet and sink all connect to a common line. Assuming the toilet is not backing up, the problem indicates that there may be a partial blockage, enough so that some of the toilet flow is backing up through the shower drain line.

You need Plumbing repair. The shower leak you mention should only be in the shower, or else you have a broken drain line as well.

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Your toilet will gurgle and bubble when flushed due the flapper valve on your toilet, or small vent pipe and even because of a crack in the toilet. To overcome this plumbing issue try changing the toilet flapper, which does not cost much, and if the issue is a major one contact a professional plumber near at once.

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My g/f has this happen to her regularly and, it was only when I asked that she said she usually flushes once to get the flush working and then immediately after to make certain the toilet flushes everything away. She said that if a toilet has good pressure, it will often splash out when she flushes.

Increase your main line pipe size. When you have a small pipe installed, and while you showering the toilet is flushed it has to distribute the amount of water running in the pipes, resulting in the drop in pressure. Once you have increased the pipe size, you'll notice that the extra volume of water will accommodate for the extra water needed to fill the cystern while showering, therefore fixing the problem with a drop in pressure.

look for the leak once you find it you will know were the leak is have a great day =)

A leaking flapper is the most common reason. The toilet drains slowly down to the point where the fill float does its job to fill back up. The flapper is the plug at the bottom of the tank that, that leads to the bowl and should be changed at least once a year. You will save hundreds if not thousands of gallons a year.

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Well obviously you have a leak somewhere. -If you can see water coming from any where near the back of the shower, that would be a help. If no leakage is visible, I would remove the wall panel at back of shower, to expose shower control and pipes. Once you see where the leak is, shut off main water. (most mobiles do not have a separate shut off for bath/shower.) -When you see the leak, call an experienced handyman or plumber to repair. Water leaks are very common in older mobiles with either copper or PolyB plumbing. I ALWAYS repair or replace with PEX. Usually I cut out the entire length of suspect pipe and replace it with PEXpipe and 2 'Sharkbite' couplings. Post again with the results please, or even if you need more advice.

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Broken hose? Leak at radiator? Leak at water pump? Defective thermostat? Pressure test system to try to determine source of leak

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On the thermostat side of shower remove handle by removing handle cap. Once handle is removed if there is a circlip then the thermostat pulls out otherwise will unscrew.

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