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They used to say that a good healthy tan was good for you. It is however, not.The darkening of the skin is actually the cells burning or toasting. Nice thought huh? Too much sun can and does promote skin cancer which can be life threatening. Melonoma is a very dangerous type of skin cancer that if left untreated and checked can kill.

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Why does peoples skin go darker in the sun?

A persons skin usually gets darker during the summer because of light rays or the sun beaming down on your skin.A persons skin usually gets darker during the summer because of light rays or the sun beaming down on your skin.

Why does a persons skin usually get darker during the summer?

Adaotation of skin cells to prevent damage from UV rays, it is the pigment in the skin that becomes darker, not the skin tissue itself

Why does a person's skin usually get darked during the summer?

Exposure to the sun causes the skin to produce more melanin pigment which temporarily give the skin a darker color.

Why is it darker in the winter than the summer?

It is darker in the Winter than it is in the Summer because the Earth tilts away from the Sun on its axis during Winter and thus, the Sun is closer to the horizon during winter.

Why do people get tan in summer?

Exposure to sunlight increases the concentration of melanin in the skin which gives it that darker color.

Why is urine darker during a hot day?

Urine is darker and more concentrated on a sunny day because water escapes from our body by means of sweat during summer.

Are winter nights darker than summer nights?

If you live north of about 54 degrees, the nights are noticeably darker in winter than summer. This is because the sun goes much further below the horizon during the winter than during the summer, which means that in the summer "night" there is still light in the sky.

Why does a persons skin usually get darker after summer?

When the skin is exposed to sun for long periods of time, it releases skin pigment (coloring) called melanin, which temporarily gives the skin a darkened appearance.

Why is skin darker?

because when you tan it then it ubsorbs the sunligt that makes the skin darker and darker afer that then you get sunbured that makes it peel

Does your skin get darker and stay that way if you lift weights?


What is skin tanning?

skin tanning is where you get darker skin

Why does your skin get lighter in the winter?

The question would be better put if you asked why does the skin get darker during summer. the light colour is the normal natural colour.The skin darkens during summer because it is more exposed to sun's rays. the rays that make it to your skin are made up of ultraviolet radiation. These are UVA and UVB.UVB is the radiation that burns the upper layers of skin and is the cause of sunburns, UVB radiation penetrates to the lower layers of the skin, resulting in a tan. This is the result of the introduction of malanin being produced by cells known as melanocytes in an attempt to protect your skin from being damaged by the suns radiation. the darker colour attained is meant to be a protective layer.In other words the lighter colour of your skin is the natural colour of your skin when it is not concerned with protecting itself against damaging radiation.

Why does skin get darker when you tan?

it gets darker because the heat goes inside the skin and burns it that's why

Why is darker skin better than whiter skin?

Darker skin isn't actually better than whiter skin. They are both really awesome. Fair skin is a more natural looking tone, and actually in the early 1900s it was considered bad to be tan, for the fair skinned people were considered rich because they weren't always weren't out in the sun working. Darker skin is the preferred skin tone these days, and it is nice to have a tan if you are wearing summer clothing. Then again, fake tans are bad because they can give you skin cancer.

When choosing a tinted moisturizer should the shade be lighter or darker than the natural skin tone?

When choosing a tinted moisturizer you should pick a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. If it is summer time then it is ok to go a shade darker than your skintone.

What is the effect of sunlight on skin color?

The effect of sunlight on skin color is that it makes it darker. It essentially slowly burns the skin which results in the darker color.

What are small brown spots that do not hurt or itch are slightly raised on inner thighs on woman had long time and get darker spread more in summer?

Skin tags from the legs rubbing together. Tanning will make them darker.

Will skin turn darker on black babies born with light skin?

Yes. When black babies are born their skin is light. But over the first week their skin will become darker.

Does drinking green tea make the skin complexion darker?

does drinking tea or coffee makes skin complexion darker ?

How can make your skin darker?

Best way to achieve a darker color on your skin without tanning is to use a self tanner.

Does dark skin color attract more heat than fairer skin color?

Anything that is darker attracts more heat, as it is good to have a dark roof in winter, but a pale roof in summer.

Does the skin become lighter during winter?

In a general sense, yes it does. The reason is because your skin continually sheds its outer layers of skin. As your skin darkens during the summer months, you will most likely experience a "lightening" of your skin during the winter months. This is because of the fact that during the colder months, the sun forces less melanin to darken your skin because the strength of the UV rays of the sun are diminished during these months. So as these colder months stretch on, your skin sheds skin cells and new cells replace them. These new skin cells have not yet experienced UV radiation penetrating them, so they are lighter. After a while, enough of your older, darker skin cells will be shed and you will appear to have a lighter complexion. But, in a technical sense, your skin itself does not "become" lighter. Your skin is a certain color when its cells are created. Your skin only then changes color to darker shades depending on how much you expose it to the UV radiation of the sun. So in a technical sense, when its winter time, your skin actually "returns" more to its unaltered color.

Can you get darker from a hair dryer?

No, The UV rays are what makes your skin darker That's likes saying, " Can you get darker from going into a sauna?"

Did use of coconut oil on skin make skin fairer or darker?


Is it normal to have a darker ring around the anus?

Yes, it is normal for the skin to be slightly darker.