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It's probably because of the food dye in the actual food eg: blue lollypops: they have blue food coloring in them so it'll dye your tongue. Like a stain on a shirt!

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Q: Why does your tongue change color when you eat certain foods?
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Why does iodine change color on certain food?

Iodine on certain foods is used as an indicator of the presence of starches in the food.

How can religion change your identity?

you are only aloud to eat certain foods

What causes a circular sore on tongue?

A circular sore on the tongue could be a canker sore, however, the actual cause of these sores are unknown. Certain acidic foods, tissue injury or stress are possible reasons a sore on the tongue can appear.

What causes fur on my tongue?

usually its from a bacterial infection probably from certain foods you ate or something else. you should ask your doctor about it.

When a giraffe eats spike food does it hurt the tongue?

No their tongues are extra thick, their made especially for the certain foods giraffes eat.

What might you eat it turn your tongue red?

You could eat a red tootsie pop I believe. Just keep licking it until your tongue changes color or drink a red powerade/fruit punch. Drinks usually work better to change your tongue color than foods do. 1.kool aid 2.lollipop hots/candy 4.popsicle 5.cranberry juice

What causes your tongue to be full of sores?

The tongue's sores are indicative of food allergies. Some people react negatively to some foods. Also, it could be due to certain STDs that affect the oral cavity.

Is purple food?

Purple is not a food. Purple however is the color of certain foods. An example would be eggplant.

How would you loose belly fat by eating certain foods?

You wouldnt' only by eating certain foods and not eating certain foods.

Why does your puppy have green diarrhea?

A change in color or consistency of feces can stem from many reasons including a simple change in the type of dog food given. Certain commercial dog foods which have dyes in them to color kibble can cause green colored feces, but it shouldn't cause diarrhea. Puppies with any change in color or consistency of feces should be seen by a veterinarian to ensure that there is not a serious health concern such as parasitism or disease that has led to the change.

What food can make you have bumps on the side of your tongue?

Foods that you are allergic to can cause bumps to appear on your tongue.

Why do you have purple diarrhea?

Certain foods can effect the color of diarrhea; like drink raw food dye and fruit loops.

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