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The idle speed may be set too low, the gas could be old, or the carb could need cleaning.

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Q: Why does your x2 ninja bike turn off right after you pull start it unless you give it some gas?
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How do you start dirt bike?

First make sure the bike is in neutral and push kick start down on right side of the bike.

Is the kawasaki ninja zx6r a good first bike?

No. Unless you have driven a dirt bike or some type of 2 wheeled vehicle before than i wouldn't recommend it.

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What does the ninja bike do on bike race?

Moves faster than normal.

Does anyone have a diagram to wire a ninja x1 pocket bike?

please does anyone have a diagram to ire a ninja x1 pocket bike?

Where is the throttle on the 250 ninja?

On all motorbikes the throttle is in the same place. It is the right hand handle. All you need to do is put the bike in neutral, start it up, hop on, hold the clutch in then put the bike in first gear. Then the tricky part. You have to let the clutch out at the same time as you apply the throttle, and you have to do it gradually with just the right technique. The bike might stall on you a few time but it takes practice.

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Where is the fuse box on a 1994 kawasaki ninja ex250f?

Try on top of the battery, I have a ninja 500r and that is where it is on my bike.

How do you take governors of mini ninja pocket bike?

you do somthing

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What is the weight of a kawaski ninja 250 bike?


How do you start a 1971 Honda dirt bike?

I actually own a 1971 Honda dirt bike. If it is in good condition, then it should start easily. The bike is a kick start. By the right side foot peg, there is a small black lever that flips down. Flip it down and kick it down to start the bike. Make sure the key is turned to on. Also giving a little gas while kick starting it may help if it is not starting right away.

How do you start a 90cc baja motorsports dirt bike?

2 words kick start. you start with the bike in neutral and kick down the kick start located on the right side of the bike and give it a little gas wile your kicking it (if its cold u mite have to put the choke on wile doing so)

When does dirt bike racing start?

when does dirt bike racing start

Which bike is faster ducati or ninja?

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Will a Kawasaki Ninja 250 street bike be a great beginner bike?

Yes it is perfect for that, after about a year one may want to upgrade to a bigger bike though.

Where is drain plug on ninja 250?

Im assuming for the oil? if so it is on the underside of the bike right under the clutch. It just looks like a bolt, the round thing right next to it is the oil filter.

Yamaha yzf600 bike won't idle unless choke is on why?

i had the same problem and it was just that the idle screw needed to be adjusted. its on the right side of the bike and its a little knob that you can turn with your fingers. Start the bike with the choke on and let it warm all the way up and then adjust the knob clockwise to make it idle faster until you can close the choke all the way

You are buying an ninja 250 do you need to get it lowered you'm only 5'5?

No, i dont think so. A simple test for determining if you are to short for a given bike, if you cannot but the kickstand down with your left foot while holding the bike up with your right you are too short. The 250 should be a good bike for you.

Can you ride a kazaski ninja 250r on cbt?

no you need a full bike licence