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Athena doesn't like Medusa because Medusa once made love to Poseidon in Athena's temple. Athena then turned Medusa and her sisters into the hideous Gorgons.

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no because Athena made her like that: posiedon were on a date and medusa said she looked a lot better than Athena and Athena turned her into a monster.

Athena hates Medusa because Poseidon took her to Athena's worship place. Athena did not like that so Athena cursed Medusa so that no man could ever look at her again. Medusa was infuriated so she took Poseidon into the worship place and did some... stuff. Athena pledged never to do that so, Athena was pretty pissed off.

The reason Medusa turns people into stone is because she used to be super beautiful so she made out with Poseidon and were making out in Athena's temple, and Athena got angry and turned Medusa into a creepy snake head lady

Medusa was always a goddess called Medusa, if she was a goddess Athena only cursed her.

Athena was angry that Medusa slept with Poseidon in her temple, so she turned her into a Gorgon. ____ Some myths say Medusa was a priestess of Athena and that she (Medusa) was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple. Athena didn't care that Medusa was raped Athena just cared that her temple was defiled.

Athena didn't kill Medusa. Perseus is the hero who did that. Athena only turned Meduas into a monster.

Athena turned Medusa into a monster with snakes for hair. Whenever someone looked at Medusa after she was cursed, they would be turned to stone. Athena did this to Medusa because Medusa was one of Poseidon's lovers and they one day met in Athena's temple.

Yes Athena cursed medusa because she was a priest and she was raped by poseidon in her temple .

athena is medusa's enemy because athena turned medusa into a horrible gorgon when she was caught sleeping with poseidon in her temple

Athena was the one that cursed Medusa. She caught Medusa, then a beautiful sea nymph, meeting with Poseidon in one of her temples. Athena was so mad that she cursed Medusa with snake hair and eyes that will turn people into stone. This is probably why Athena helped Perseus kill Medusa and then placed Medusa's head on her shield.

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, did because Medusa said she was prettier than Athena (Medusa used to be beautiful), so Athena punished her with ugliness. Another version of this myth is that Medusa was a lover of Poseidon and Athena was a little jealous (though she was a virgin goddess). When they went to her temple together, Athena was insulted and made Medusa and her two sisters hideous.

no..... Medusa and Poseidon were having an affair in Athena's temple and Athena got mad so she turned Medusa into a hideous creature.

Medusa was the high priestess of Athena. She was beautiful and was desired by many men. One day Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, took Medusa into Athena's temple and raped her. Athena was furious for being a priest of Athena you had to keep your maidenhood like the goddess. So to make sure this didn't happen again, Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon with snakes for hair and eyes that turn people to stone.

No. Medusa was a Greek "monster" created by Athena.

Athena put the head of Medusa on her shield.

Medusa angered the goddess Athena.

Because Athena,Poseidon's niece,cursed her

Athena, because Medusa was bragging about her beauty, when Athena was the most beautiful godess. :)

Medusa because Athena cursed her and Poseidon

No, Medusa was a priestess that worshipped Athena godess of stradegy and wisdom. Medusa only saw 2 gods, Athena (When Medusa got caught in her home with poisiden),and Poisiden.

Athena cursed medusa because Medusa was a priestess at Athenas temple. Being a priestess for athena includes many things but the biggest one was remaining a virgin. However, medusa was veery beautiful and Posiden fell in love with her and wanted to have sex with her. She refused but he wouldn't take no for an answer and he raped her. Athena heard that Medusa was no longer a virgin and cursed her.

Medusa was a priestess of Athena. Later she was seduced by posideon and when she ran from him, he raped her in athena's temple. Medusa prayed to Athena for protection, but Athena didn't come. Later Athena appeared to medusa and told her that since medusa was such a flirt herself, that she deserved it and Athena would protect all mortal men from her by making her deadly to men. The other part of her curse was that she could not harm women. Medusa was sent into exile.

Poseidon was Medusa's boyfriend and they were hanging out in Athena's temple. Then Athena turned Medusa into Medusa.

Medusa and Poseidon (god of the seas) had sex in one of Athena's temples, which angered Athena.