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Why doesn't anybody like you?


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November 03, 2007 2:56AM

There are so many reasons why people dislike others. It's very difficult to know why you may be feeling on the outer, but here are some thoughts.

Firstly, just because no-one likes you does not mean that you are unlikeable. It may just mean that they are narrow-minded as to how people should act or look. You may be interested in things, or dress in a way that is not considered 'cool'...and if that is so, then keep on with your interests and be glad you are not part of the shallow group that dictates what is and isn't 'in' at a particular time. There will somewhere be people exactly like you, feeling the same way and it is a matter of finding some way to connect. Joining some sort of interest group can help.

Another alternative is that you really may have aspects about your personality that put people right off. Sometimes people will tell you what they are. Think about the comments made and consider if they might be right, and either take corrective action if it really is a negative fault, or put it down to it being their problem if it is just a different way of doing things or of speaking. Try to avoid hanging around people who don't want to be friendly as you will only increase your unpopularity. Make sure your personal hygiene is OK. Ask yourself if you are pleasant to be around - ie not critical, gossiping about others, continually complaining or being unkind. All of these attitudes can make us tiring company.

Remember the world is full of people who feel as you do. Try to find someone who you can talk to about how you feel, as they will know your particular situation better and advise more specifically. You can also contact me on my message board by clicking on my name if you like.