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Why doesn't Carly from ICarly live with her parents?

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Carly and Spencer's mother died and their dad is on a submarine.

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Where does Carly live from iCarly?

In the show, Carly lives in Seattle, Washington.

Where does icarly live at with Freddy and sam?

Bushwell Plaza (Only Carly And Freddie Live There)

Were does iCarly live?

carly, spencer, freddie, and sam all live in Seattle Washington no i dont

Were does Carly from the movie iCarly live?

Carly the character lives in Seattle; Miranda Cosgrove the actress lives in California. Hollywood, I believe.

Why can't iCarly come to your house?

icarly can't come to your house because icarly doesn't know where you live or what address you are living in. And Sam, Freddie and Carly are Americans.

From icarly were does Freddy sam Spencer live?

Spencer lives with Carly in a Bushwell flat , Freddie lives in the flat opposite Carly and Spencer and Sam doesn't live in a Bushwell flat.

On iCarly do you ever get to see her dad?

unfortunatly not. Carly and her brother Spencer, live together on the show without her dad. Sometimes you do get to see their grandfather.

Did Carly swear on iCarly?

Supposedly, after Sam told everyone live on the webshow that Freddy had never kissed anybody, Carly stormed after Sam shouting the d-word. However, she may have been saying Sam or Dang.

Where do Carly and Sam live?

carly and sam live in the usa

Does Carly live in a aparment?

Yes, Carly does live in an apartment.

What happened to Carly's mom on iCarly?

Supposedly, Carly's mother died when Carly was 10 years old and Spencer was 20 years old.. So their father, who is in the Navy, let them live together alone. or Carly and Spencer have different mothers, but the same father.

Where those iCarly live?

They live in Seattle, Washington. Carly, Spencer, and Freddie live in a made-up apartment complex called Bushwell Plaza. The Shays (Carly and Spencer) live in apartment 8C. Freddie lives with his mom in apartment 8D. Sam lives with her mother in a house, although it has never been made clear where the house is, or if it has an address. There is no email address.

Where does Carly Rae jepson really live now?

where does carly Rae Jepson live now

Who is the guy that Carly live with?

The quy that Carly lives with is Spencer Shay.

Hi Carly sam and Freddie imyour biggest fan i am Georgia griffin im 10 and i live in chelmsford?

this is not a question ................................................................................................................................................ the anser is whoever wrote this wanted the icarly team to write back

What time is the live webshow of iCarly?

The live webshow of icarly is at icarly.com Or Nickelodeon on a Saturday night at 8pm.

Were does Carly live?

Carly live in Seattle in America with his older brother Spencer and Freddi lives next door:

Where does Carly Shay's grandfather live?

Carly Shay's Grandfather Lives In Yakima,WA

Where does does Carly Simon live?

Carly Simon lives somewhere in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Where dose iCarly live?

they live in Seattle Washington

Where does Freddie benson live at?

If you are on about the guy of iCarly, his character lives at apartment 8-D, just across the hall from Carly Shay and Spencer Shay. Freddie lives with his mum who treats him like a baby by the way.

Who does Carly live with?

her older brother Spencer

Where do Carly and Freddie and sam live?

In the show, they live in the state Washington.

Is iCarly real?

ICarly is only shown on TV. No live webshows, or You-tube videos have ICarly videos that have not been shown on any TV channel.

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