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Chileans do speak Spanish; it is the official language of Chile.

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Spanish is the official language of Chile.

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Because Chile is a country, and countries don't speak. The people of Chile speak Spanish.

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Q: Why doesn't Chile speak Spanish?
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How do you say The people speak spanish in Chile?

Si we speak spanish in Chile

How do you write hi in Chile?

Chile isn't a language. They speak Spanish in Chile.

How many people speak spanish in Chile?

In Chile the official language is Spanish

Why does Chile speak spanish?

Chile was once a Spanish colony. Their language is not Spanish, but Chilenisimo, a combination of Spanish and Mapudungun, the native language.

What percentage speak English in Chile?

They don't really speak English in Chile but they may speak Spanish. My overall percentage for speaking English in Chile is about 10%.

What do Chile and Spain have in common?

they speak spanish

Why do people in Chile speak Spanish?

Because Chile was once a colony of Spain.

Can people in Chile speak English?

yes they do i chilean and I do speak spanish

What are three countries that speak Spanish?

México Spain Chile

Does Selena Gomez sing in Spanish?

no she doesnt but she knows how to speak spanish

How do you Translate number four in Chile?

In Chile they speak Spanish. "Number four" can be translated as "número cuatro".

When did Chile start to speak Spanish?

CHILE was the given name that Spaniards choose for those territories. Therefore, spanish was the language of Chile. Before Spaniards there were several languages spoken by naturals.

What is 2 countries in south America that speak spanish?

Colombia and Chile

What do chileans speak?

chile, or spanish?

How many countries bordering Peru speak spanish?

four of the five countries bordering Peru speak Spanish:EcuadorColombiaBoliviaChile

What are the top 5 places Spanish people speak Spanish?

Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and the United States.

What countries in South America speak spanish?

The following South American countries speak Spanish: Argentina Bolivia Chile Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela

What kinds of languages are spoken in santiago chile?

Most people in Santiago speak Spanish.

What languages are spoken in Santiago Chile?

Spanish'Castellano' is the official language of Chile. It is a spanish dialect. In Santiago and the whole central region of Chile people speak very fast and cut word endings, making the language hard to understand even for native spanish speakers

What countries also speak spanish?

Spain Mexico Argentina Panama Columbia Domincan Republic Chile

How do you say 'Chile' in Spanish?

Chile :)

Does Jacob Black speak Spanish?

no he doesnt he speaks whatever type of language that his type of indian speak

What are 3 major cities in Chile?

In Chile they mostly speak Spanish and Quechua but also speak English, Aymara, central, Chilean sign language, Huilliche, Kakauhua, y'amana and much more languages frequently talked.

Why is Argentina different from Brazil Mexico Chile?

Argentina is its own separate nation, although it's people do speak Spanish like the equally independent nations of Chile and Mexico. The people of the country of Brazil speak Portuguese.

How do you write Chile in spanish?