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I had one that did this.. Change out the control unit. It is cheaper that way. The button is bad.. you will probably find the actuator motor has got weak with age, what i did with mine is wedge it permanently in place and never press the button again! it is probably the button on the control unit. the 4th gen control units are pos's and usually have these problems. sometimes its the plug in the back of the control unit not gettin a good connection. both ludes ive had, this problem occured but can be temporarily overcome by pounding on the dash above the unit.

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What if snivy doesn't evolve at level 17?

if snivy doesnt evolve at lv 17 you probobly pressed the b button

Why does it say to press aoss button to continue on ps3?

you must have pressed the easy settings while trying to get an internet connection press the custom settings at the start if your wifi modem doesnt have an aoss button

What happens if a Pokemon doesnt evolve at its level and you didnt use an everstone?

It will try to evolve on its next level, so don't panic if you accidentally pressed the B button (stops evolution when evolving by level).

Do you say hatch to make a tomagochi hatch?

No, you just wait...if its doesnt work,(or you want a different gender) get a shap pencil and press the button at the back of it and then just wait a few minuites (and pause if you dont want it to die while you are at school(work), is the left button and the right button pressed at the same time, press left and right at the same time to un pause)

What kind of tranny fluid does a manual transmission in a Honda prelude take?

manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob

How do you turn the iPod on?

hold down the top button for 5 seconds. if it doesnt do that then try charging it. if it still doesnt turn on after its charging and your holding down the top button, its broke.

What if your I pod Nano 4th generation screen is blank what do you do?

the same thing happened to me all you have to do is press your hand on the middle button for as long as 40-50 seconds and it will come back but if it doesnt keep your hand pressed on until your hand hurts. thanx x

How can you tell if your cell phone is broken?

For an iphone click the home button and the lock button that is to reboot it if it doesnt reboot then it probably broken

How old do you have to be to pierce you belly button?

it doesnt really matter as long as you have a parent

Why doesn't your new monitor work?

following possiblites are there 1. u have not plugged the monitor to the power. 2. u have not connected it to the processor box. 3. u have not pressed power button in ur monitor. if this doesnt solve the problem, the monitor has a permanent manufracturing defect. Contact the vendor. logicwonder

How do you turn on your iPad?

Hold the black button at the top until you see an Apple logo appear. If that doesnt work, try plug it into your computer/Mac/laptop and hold the home button (the circle) and the top button, if that doesnt work do it again but unplug it from the computer. If all of these dont work contact someone to help

What do you do if your iPhone doesn't come on?

you have to hold the centre button and the turnon/off button together for about 5-10 seconds.. if it doesnt come on try charging it?! if that still doesnt work im so sorry.. take it back maybe? hope i helped you..

How do you use an hp webcam effects while webcamming?

doesnt something just pop out when you click the webcam button? my friends told me that but it doesnt work on my laptop.

What is Phone button on 2008 Ford Expedition?

It does absolutely nothing.........my dealer doesnt know what its for either

How do you disconnect Xbox 360 controller?

you press the xbox button on it. if it doesnt work hold it down.

How do you reboot an internal hp jet direct?

When you say reboot I assume you mean to reset to Defaults, as simply turning the Printer Off and on would reboot the Jetdirect if its stuck or not responding. To Reset factory defaults is a little different on every Printer, Without knowing what printer you have the most common ways you either reset it through the on board Menu under IO or Network, or if its has a GO (Green or gray Big Button), Turn off the Printer, Press this GO button, With the Button still Pressed turn the Printer back on and leave it pressed for about 30 Seconds to a minute. This will reset to factory defaults. If this doesnt help try asking again with the printers make and model

How to set clock on 1999 Ford Explorer?

press and hold the "clk" button then while still holding the clk button press the seek button to set the hour and the tune button to set the minute .the radio can be on or off while doing this it doesnt matter ^_^

What happens when youre r button doesnt work how can i fix it?

Send it to a Nintendo company and they will fix it for free.

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