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Q: Why doesn't blood rush to a baby's head inside its mother's stomach?
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How does the great white raise its babys?

it doesnt

What do magpie babys eat?

doesnt the mother bird just throw up into the babys mouth?

Is it a bad thing to get a pimple on your nipple?

I would imagine so, only in pregnant women, or mothers with babys, because it probably would block the milk from passing. but in men it doesnt matter.

Do river dolphans lay eggs or make babies?

dolphins are mammels like us, they have babys and the babys nurse from the mothers.

When does your belly start growing when your pregnant?

Because the baby inside of you is growing. What you eat goes to your baby. The stomach acts much like a balloon if you blow air into it. If it didn't the baby wouldn't have anywhere to grow and babys also move while inside the stomach.

Does digested food pass from the mothers blood to the babys blood?

yes it does

What causes low birth weight in babys of teen mothers?

Poor neonatal care...

How does the alcohol get into the baby?

In easy terms :When the mother drinks the alcohol it is absorbed in the mothers stomach and then enters the mothers blood stream,the baby and the mother share the same blood via the umbilical cord,this is how the baby gets nutrients and oxygen,so whatever enters the mothers blood stream will enter the babys blood stream through this umbilical cord..

Is it better for a baby to sleep on their stomach or back?

A newborn baby should always be put on his or her back to sleep. If he or she were put to sleep on his or her stomach, it would make breathing and spiting harder for it to process. Though after time, it doesnt matter if a baby is put to sleep on either side, because babys can lift their heads and turn over on their own.

What are benefits of being an obstetrician?

The Money and knowing you helped others and you also get to see happy babys and mothers

What are the predators of baby orangutan?

They have lots and lots of predators and even there mothers will eat them if the babys are fat enough!

Does Koalas mate?

yes but they are marsupials so their babys are very small and thet grow in their mothers pouch

Why were diapers invented?

Too keep popes inside of babys panterroony

How does hair dye affect your babies hair?

it doesnt affect it at all but if your hair is damaged then your babys might be

How are baby sharks protected?

Their mothers just eat up everyone who comes up too close to their babys, I think...

How do you know if your cat pregnant?

look at your cats tummy when its big babys are inside

How long before you can feel a babys hear beat in your stomach?

You won't, but later in the pregnancy you can feel it move.

Can you get an idea weather the baby is still alive in mothers womb or not by doing a ultrasound scan?

you can use sathopscope to listen the the babys heart

When your pregnant can you see the babys heartbeat in your stomach?

depends on how many weeks it has being but yes when you go for a pregnancy scan

Do you have a card for mothers first Christmas?

What do you mean mothers first chrisstmas shouldn't it be daddys frist christmas or babys first chrisrtmas cuz the mother had 69 chrismases already shes an expert on cooky christmases

Which material passes from the babys blood into the mothers blood?

The answer is oxygen and (you have to find it yourself, if you find it please send it to me at facebook tomormor at 9:00am Thank you)

When can you hear a babys heart beat in pregnancy?

WHEN you go to the doctors to see what it is and when your around 8 months you can hear it when you stick your ear to your stomach.

What make babys?

In most situations, the female and male will have sex, and the male will inject his semen into the female. The sperm then will go to the female egg, if one is present, and one sperm will join with the egg, and fertilize it. For roughly 9 months, the baby is housed inside the mothers womb, and boom, a baby.

Through which part can harmful substances such as nicotine pass from the mothers blood to the babys blood?

trough the placentai thinkshould be umbilical cord...... I think too

When pregnant can you feel the babys heartbeat in your stomach?

I don't think you can feel the baby's heartbeat, but you can feel their movements and hiccup's. You can hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope.