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Why doesn't my mom want to spend any time with me?


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April 18, 2013 2:15AM

If your mother works, she may not have much time to spend with you, it is because the cost of living is so high and she wants to be able to pay the bills especially for the food and every day needs you have.

If she works she is tired or, if she is a stay-at-home mom she may not be feeling well, so medications may make her tired or just very tired from looking after the chores at home.

You could help her with some chores: possibly in taking you to school; sports practices; doctor's or dentist's appointments.

Moms tend to get tired, but be assured your mother loves you very much. Sit down with your mother and let her know how you feel so she can explain to you how much she loves you and why she is so tired. Most of all be sure you are happy and have a good education.

Also, it depends on what your mom's social life is like. If she is divorced she may feel that she wants to be loved by a man who would care for her in a different way from you, her child would. This is natural she just probably feels lonely if this is the case.