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We do. It's called the environmental protection acency. The "EPA"

AnswerIn addition each state has one, often called the Department of Environmental Conservation or Fish and Game Bureau

In the case of the Federal Government, the EPA does not perform traditional police actions. They are an Independent Regulatory Agency. They set policy and guidelines for a given area of responsibility, as defined for them by Congress, and as directed by the President. The do have some investigative powers, but, actual police powers are held over in the Department of Justice, and investigations and prosecutions of environmental violations are handled by the regional U.S. Attorney as part of the DOJ's Environmental and Natural Resources Division.

At the state level, most EPA-style departments have police powers (ability to arrest and investigate), with prosecution handled by the state's Attorney General's office (or special division thereof).

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Q: Why doesn't the US have an environmental police agency?
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What is the US federal agency that has the initials EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency.

What kind of agency is EPA?

US Environmental Protection Agency or E.P.A.

What us government agency oversees the quality of drinking water?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Who is the pollution police?

In the US, the main Federal pollution police is the Environmental Protection Agency. They investgate pollution and develop ways to stop or control it. Each state has its own version of the EPA. In Colorado it is the DPHE (Department of Public Health and Environment). Large cities may also have their own "environmental police" as well.

What agency of the US government is responsible for regulating pollution?

That would be the EPA aka the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the US which agency works to keep the air soil and water safe in the environment?

Environmental Protection Agency

Who runs the environmental protection agency?

The EPA is a US Government Agency. It has ten regional offices in the US and its headquarters are in Washington DC.

In 1993 the US Environmental Protection Agency classified secondhand smoke as what?

A carcinogen.

Which president established the US Environmental Protection Agency?

President Richard Nixon

Does the US Environmental Agency have help and guidlines for mold cleanup?

Yes, the US Environmental Agency has help and guidelines for mold cleanup. Check out their official website EPA for more information on cleaning up mold.

Which government agency employs physical scientist and seek to understand and protect the earths environment?

Environmental Protection Agency in the US.

Which US government agencies are charged with setting and enforcing pollution standards?

The Environmental Protection Agency is the US agency charged with setting and enforcing pollution standards

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