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ANSWER:Unfortunitly Newfoundland is too far north and it's not profitable enough to ship the ring and the wrestlers there, if they stay in the states they can run 2 shows a day.

they don't come here because the last time they came here in 2004 the crowd response were crappy..i mean i bought floor seat tickets the day of the event...PLEaSE COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND SOON WWE

its just not on there trail o and they do come to Canada

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What job does WWE rikishi has?

Rikishi doesnt work for the WWE.

Is batista back?

No. He quit the WWE in 2010 and doesnt look like he is going to come back anytime soon.

Did finlay leave WWE?

He doesnt wrestle anymore and is retired. But, he is still with the WWE

Did mickie James leave the WWE?

She did leave WWE and now she is on TNA and wants to become the Knockout's champion just watch TNA on spike thursdays but she really doesnt come out on TNA

How long will micki James be in WWE for?

for a couple of years i think wwe doesnt want to release her

When did Erik the red come to Newfoundland?

He never went to Newfoundland. His son, Leif Ericson did.

Where did the first settlers of Newfoundland come from?

The first settlers of Newfoundland came from Ireland and Scotland.

Where do Newfoundland ponies come from?

Newfoundland ponies come from Newfoundland Canada. They were created from a mix of British breeds including the Exmoor pony, Galloway pony, Welsh pony, and New Forest pony.

When will the WWE 12 demo come out?

at the WWE PPV Survivor Series (2011) That's When WWE'12 Will Come Out

Has rvd come back to WWE?

RVD has not come back to WWE as of yet.

When will WWE come back to OKC?

Why Dont wwe Come To Oklahoma Anymore

What is WWE theme song?

WWE doesnt hav a theme song but the wrestlers do and RAW/ SMACKDOWN/ECW/WCW does...................................................

Does WWE Jeff hardy fight on www?

by www, i think you mean wwe. if i am correct then as of january 2013, no he doesnt

Will WWE come to Australia in 2008 to 2009?

yes wwe will come to Australia in 2008

When will WWE come to little rock?

when will wwe come back to little rock arkansas

When will John Cena come to wwe?

ya jhon is sure come back in wwe

Is sting coming to WWE?

Sting was never in WWE but might come to WWE.

Will the sting return to WWE?

No. Sting will not come to the WWE

Will Jeff Hardy come back to WWE 2010?

He will come back at WWE TLC 2010.

What WWE show is Kevin Nash on?

Technically, Kevin Nash doesnt wrestle for the WWE. He is currenty employed by TNA Impact!

Does stfrandy work on WWE 12?

no it doesnt work its pretty stupid.

Where did labrador retrievers come from?

They originate from Newfoundland, Canada.

When will the WWE come to Washington state again?


When will WWE come back to Louisiana?

In the wwe best of 2010 it shows when and where wwe willbe coming

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