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there is a low pressure switch located on the evaporation can. Its not important to find this, just know that its there, because most of the time, its a simple case of being a little low on freon. If you are a couple of pounds low, the pressure switch picks up on this, and wont allow the compressor to engage as to prevent damage. i have lost a pund or so over time, and topped it off with a recharge kit from the auto parts store (30 bucks) and never had another problem. But, it could be a major leak, or just a simple fuse. Look at the obvious first!

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Q: Why doesn't the air compressor clutch engage on 1995 GMC Jimmy?
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Where is the egr valve on a 1994 jimmy?

It is located at the front of the intake manifold between the A/C compressor and the alternator

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Why does the clutch on a 1988 GMC Jimmy leak fluid but will not shift into gear?

It wont shift because its leaking fluid.

Why does my 1999 GMC Jimmy ac compressor clutch engages and then releases?

The A/C clutch engages and disengeges when the pressure in the system is too low. The most likely cause is that it needs to be recharged. If you recharge the system, make sure to use R134a and purchase at least a small pressure gauge. You can also purchase a hose that lets you fill the system right from the small cans of refrigerant. All of this can be purchased at your local auto parts store.

Where is the ac low pressure port in a 98 jimmy?

The 1998 GMC Jimmy air-conditioner low pressure for is located on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure port will be marked as such.

Does a 1992 GMC Jimmy have airbags?

no it doesnt they didint come out with airbags until 1995 and up

Where is air conditioner clutch relay located on 95 jimmy?

Should be under the hood, mounted to the passengers side of the firewall.

Where is the tensioner for the fan belt on a 1994 Jimmy Vortex?

It's on the top, front, center of your engine. between the a/c compressor and the alternator.

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How do you engage the 4 wheel drive on a 1994 jimmy?


How do you replace the air conditioning compressor clutch on your 1997 GMC S15 Jimmy?

You are better off replacing the whole compressor. You can purchase a remanufactured compressor for $30 more and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Also replace the dryer/accumulator with this. It only has 4 bolts that hold the compressor on and it's a one for one swap. First, remove the hoses from the dryer SLOWLY!!! This will allow the system to depressurize. Once the air stops hissing, remove the front and rear connectors from the dryer. Remove the 4 main bolts from the compressor and the one bolt holding the hose connections. Remove the serpentine belt and lift off the compressor. CAUTION****** Drain the oil from the compressor and fill the new one with the same amount of new GM AC oil. Install the new dryer and the new compressor. After installation, I suggest taking the vehicle to a service shop and have them vacuum the system and recharge it. You just saved yourself approximately $400 anyway, so having a professional perform these tasks is only a few dollars. This could save your new ac system in the long run.

What causes the AC compressor on a 1996 Jimmy to whine when accelerated and the compressor clutch is engaged when it works fine otherwise?

Make sure its the ac compressor making noise. The idler pulley and belt tensioner can make alot of noise, also. If you haven't replaced those, I'd start with that as it's a fairly inexpensive fix. If the noise doesn't go away, no harm done because those components should be changed every so often anyway. (belt tensioners lose spring tension over time). If you're sure it's the ac comp., the compressor bearings are probably going bad and you'll need a new one. I have a '99 Jimmy and the comp. started leaking oil from the front seal a few months ago. Still blows could air, but recently started making noise. I'll be replacing it real soon.

If the switches and compressor work fine and the relay and fuses to but no power gets to the ac compressor on a jimmy 1995?

the a/c system has a pressure sensor to it, it's on the accumilator @ the rear of the eng compartment. try using a wire to jump it if the a/c works after that tere is your prob

How do you start your 01 Jimmy after you installed a new battery?

you should be able to start your jimmy up right after you install your new battery...if it doesnt, I would replace or clean your battery cable terminals and see if that works!

What do you have to take apart to see behind the ac compressor 1994 jimmy it's leaking coolant?

It's probably the intake manifold gasket gone bad. Not uncommon.

How do I engage my 4 wheel drive in a 1986 GMC Jimmy 4x4.?

place car in neutral , then bring lever down to 4hi position , then put car in drive.

On a 1991 gmc s-15 jimmy what would keep front differential from engaging?

Check the vacum control unit located under the battery. Hook a vacum gage to the unit and see if it will engage if not relace unit. If it does engage trace vacum lines back to source.

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Why cant you reverse in your 97 jimmy?

the synchros could be out in the transmission where it won't engage reverse. i believe that the check engine light may activate if there is a transmission issue. unfortunately, you will have to take it in for diagnosis.

Why does your 1999 GMC Jimmy blow hot air when the airconditioner is on cold?

it can be a list of things.... your system may need a charge, your compressor may be shot, or the fact that there is a leak somewhere are the most common...

How do you install a serpentine belt and bypass the AC on a 1994 Jimmy GMC?

Simply purchase the belt for a non air conditioned version of your vehicle and route the belt the same as the old one excluding the compressor

Why won't a 1996 jimmy engage into gear since the engine was rebuilt and installed?

was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle? was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle?

To recharge the freon on your wife's 2000 GMC Jimmy where is the valve located?

The Freon recharge port can be found on the top of the air conditioner compressor. There will be two ports. The recharge port will be labeled as the low pressure port.