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Why doesn't the fan motor in your Saturn work?

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Answeryou can test it with a jumper wire to to see if it works by direct power. If not the fan motor has gone bad as they sometimes do. I just had that prob. with mine had to replace the fan motor. if it does work by jumping it then ya might have a bad fuse, temp. sensor or PCM problem. AnswerYou might also have a bad temperature sensor.

You might also have a bad switch. Temp sensor should be o.k. if the engine temp. goes and stays at normal and the upper and lower heater hoses are hot.

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Why won't your 1993 Saturn SL1 radiator fan work?

Blown fuse? Bad fan motor? Bad temperature sensor?

Why doesnt the fan on your 1997 chevy s10 blazer not work when the fuse is good?

If the HVAC blower motor does not work on any speeds, I would suspect the motor or the switch is bad.

How does a ceiling fan motor work?

motor used in fan is universal motor, which can work both on Ac or Dc . The working principle is similar to the ordinary motor

Why doesnt the cooling fan turn on you replaced all the sensors and it still doesnt turn on?

Check the fuses, check the relay and then check the fan motor.

How do you remove the radiator fan motor from a Saturn?

Pretty straightforward. See the link.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

How does fan work?

the fan is work by the elactercity and current and it has motor so i have to switched on and off

What could cause a radiator fan to not work?

Check fuse first. if ok then check you have power to the fan. If not it is probably the thermo switch which switches on when the engine gets hot powering the fan motor. Be careful when checking the connections that the fan doesnt start and injure you

Will fan work without condencer?

a three phase motor will work

Why does the fuse for the cooling fan on your 1992 Saturn s series keep blowing?

Overload or dead short in cooling fan motor or wiring to same

What fuse controde heather fan motor on Toyota Camry and location on 1996?

i have Toyota 1996 Camry fan blow will not work what fuse make it work and location . fan motor ck out all right

Why would an electric cooling fan on a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am not work?

Could be a bad temp. sensor not telling the fan to turn on, or a bad motor. Try jumping the motor to see if the fan comes on. If not, its the motor.

How do you replace a fan motor in a 1996 Saturn SL1?

Remove the two bolts at the top of the shroud, then remove shroud, fan, and motor as an assembly. Remove the One True Nut (reverse [LH] thread) that holds the fan blade to the motor. Remove the plastic-screws holding the motor to the shroud. Pull the blade off the motor. Use a hammer to disengage the motor from the shroud. Installation is reverse.

Why would the cooling fans not work on a 94 Saturn sl1?

Saturn Shop Foreman here. Cooling fan relay, bad temp sensor, open in fan motor, if you jump last two terminals in the diagnostic connector you should hear the relay click, you can put a test light across the fan plug to test the circuit after you have done this, hope this helps

Why don't radiator fans work on a 95 Chevy Monte Carlo z34?

your driver side fan should come on at about 220 degrees which is about 3/4 way up the temp gauge and the passenger side comes on only when the ac compressor is turned on, if ur ac doesnt work then neither does ur passenger fan, if ur temp isin red and ur driver side fan doesnt come on then check your relays if ur relays are good then change ur coolant temp sensor and if that doesnt work then ur fan motor is most likely burnt out

Why Motor fan not working?

Could be a faulty fan motor, a faulty fan motor relay, a faulty fan motor temp switch or a blown fan motor fuse.

Why would the cabin fan in a 1993 Buick LeSabre not work most of the time for heat or air?

Loose connection? on fan motor or heater control Bad fan motor?

Why does your radiator cooling fan not work The fuses are good.?

Check to see if you are getting power to fan - if so bad fan motorRun a hot line to fan to see if it starts - if not bad fan motorFan sensor bad?

What could cause the fan to not work on a 1995 neon?

Bad fan motor? supply 12V hot to see if it works - if not bad fan motor Bad relay? Bad sensor?

Opel frontera overheating on idle?

apparently they are designed for cold temperatures, so the radiator fan will kick in really really late. But if your fan doesnt turn on at all either the fan doesnt work at all (power failure to fan, or fan malfuntion) or fan sensor switch is faulty.

Your cooling fan doesnt come on what to check for 1998 Honda civic?

Check the cooling fan relay and the control sensor. Check the fuse as well and if these are all good, check the fan motor.

Overheating Saturn with ac on?

with the engine running and the a/c on check the electric cooling fan on the radiator, if it is not running the relay or the fan motor is probably bad (maybe loose connector)

1993 grand am the heater motor fan works but doesnt blow out much air?

Try Blower Motor Resistor. It would on the Passenger side under the dash

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