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Why doesn't the government do to PETA what they did to the Branch Davidians in El Paso?

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March 25, 2009 3:23PM

Maybe because PETA does not have a arsenal of weapons, and does

not have a leader sleeping with numerous early teen girls that are

kept in a "House of David?" Maybe because PETA does not have a

bunch of kids living in the facility that are taken to a basement

and whipped/abused regularly? In other words, PETA is not a

organization that engages in illegal activities. Therefore, there

is no reason for the government to shut them down. That is a very

difficult question to answer. The Branch Dividian part is easy,

though, so I'll answer it first. Keep in mind that this is just my

opinion, though. I have no proof. I believe, although it appeared

that the Branch Dividians were harmless and pretty much kept to

themselves, they apparently had a huge arsenal of weapons. I

believe the governtment took the action they did because of the

weapons. The part about PETA is a lot more complicated politically.

The uncomplicated answer is that PETA is serving some purpose that

the government or others in power want to have accomplished. It is

widely known that PETA uses methods that are against the law and

that they have been referred to as terrorists within government

circles, so it would only make sense that the government would

limit them or shut them down. Yet, they don't. The only conclusion

I can come to is the one I stated: PETA serves a purpose that helps

to bring about certain results that the powers that be want.


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