Why doesn't the wood on the Brooklyn Bridge rot or break?

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While the construction materials of the Brooklyn Bridge include concrete,
mortar, stone, and steel, there would be no Brooklyn Bridge at all were
it not for its most crucial construction component: wood.

Southern Yellow Pine (from Georgia and Florida) forms the essential structural component of the underwater foundations of the bridge. Without those solid wood, pneumatic casings, the Brooklyn Bridge could never have been built, and those
solid yellow pine underwater caissons remain in nearly pristine today.

By the way, it is also underwater wood that holds up most of Venice.

"Wood decay is caused by aerobic insects and bacteria, ones that need air to stay alive. When wood is submerged where there is no air, it remains in good condition indefinitely. Cities like Venice in Italy are supported on wood pilings that are, in some cases, 1000 years old."
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What is wood rot?

Answer . Wood Rot. Wood rot is a type of fungal decay in timber, the decay comes in two catagories, white rot and brown rot. Decay usually starts when spores from the rot come into contact with damp timber. The damp timber (more than 20%w/w) allows the spores to establish themselves and grow usi ( Full Answer )

Is there a paint that will prevent wood from rotting?

Yes, you can finish the wood with a shellac varnish or any other substitute. Or if you want to paint an opaque color over it (instead of something that will just stain the wood) oil based paints made for the home exteriors will preserve your wood much longer.

Why does wood rot?

Wood rot is the decomposition of wood which occurs in large due tofungi consuming the wood. The fungi which cause the feed on thecell walls of the wood which contain cellulose and lignin. Limitingthe moisture exposure of the wood will limit decay.

Does Cedar wood rot?

It is wood so it will rot eventually, but ceder is a rot resistant wood that will take a longer time. If treated with sealer it should last years.

What wood is rot resistant?

Rot-Resistant Woods A few years ago, redwood was a big no-no for anyone who cared about the environment because venerable old-growth trees were laying down their lives to become lawn furniture. Today, redwood is a renewable resource, as millions of redwood seedlings are replanted every year-about ( Full Answer )

Why is wood rotting a chemical change?

Rotting wood is a chemical change because the decomposed wood has different properties that cannot be reversed. Chemical changes alter the identity of a substance, whereas physical changes do not.

Why is the Brooklyn Bridge called the Brooklyn Bridge?

Originally referred to as the New York and Brooklyn Bridge , it was dubbed the Brooklyn Bridge in an 1867 letter to the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and formally so named by the city government in 1915.

How did the Brooklyn Bridge get its name?

It got its name from the borough of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge connects the borough of Manhattan to the borough of Brooklyn. Originally it was called the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, but that was before Brooklyn became part of New York City. Before the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queen ( Full Answer )

What is rotted wood subflooring?

Subflooring is the wood on which the visible floor is lain. A rotted wood subflooring is when the subfloor timbers have been exposed to water and have begun to rot, thus undermining the floor as a whole. The floor will have to be removed and the subfloor replaced.

Where is the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge is in New York City. It connects lowerManhattan with the Borough of Brooklyn by crossing the East River.

What was the special about the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world from its opening until 1903, the first steel-wire suspension bridge, and the first bridge to connect Manhattan to the mainland.

Does wood rot under water?

Some woods will rot under water. Others are extremely good. -Did you know while exploring the Titanic wreckage a few years ago, they brought up some teak deck chairs that were in almost new condition - after all those years under seawater.

What wood naturally resists rot?

Black Locust is the best one that I can find. I'm not sure if it is the absolute best one though, your question can only be answered best after Wiki does something to stop morons who aren't even members from posting wrong not to mention offensive answers.

How do you repair rotted wood?

You don't. You cut/tear away the rotted stuff until you're back on solid wood, then you rebuild with new pieces.

How can you control rotting wood?

I'm not sure what you meant by "controlling" rotting wood but here's a few thoughts: Rotten wood needs to be replaced. If it is soft, crumbling or you can stick a pencil through it, get rid of it. Wood usually rots because of moisture. High humidity levels in the air causing the water to conde ( Full Answer )

Why is the Brooklyn bridge a suspension bridge?

Advantages over other bridge types . Longer main spans are achievable than with any other type of bridge . Less material may be required than other bridge types, even at spans they can achieve, leading to a reduced construction cost . Except for installation of the initial temporary cables, l ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't cedar rot?

Cedar doesn't rot because it is water resistant and if it isn'tsealed it will last you pretty long. It can last up to 8 years ifnot sealed *After "8 years" then what? Cedar rots like any other wood if youwait long enough. How long depends on factors such as how muchwater can get trapped where two c ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't honey rot?

Rotting is usually the result of bacterial action, but honey has natural antibacterial properties. Honey is principally a saturated or supersaturated solution of a mixture of sugars with traces of other things which give it its flavour. It is hygroscopic so any bacteria in contact with it are quickl ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the Brooklyn Bridge have a train on it anymore?

There used to be trolleys that ran across the Brooklyn Bridge, but that was only from 1898 to 1950. The old BRT line also ran over the bridge and just barely into Manhattan, to its last stop, but that was around a hundred years ago.

Who sells bridges Wood bridges?

Garden bridge.co.uk have a good range of Wood bridges with FREE delivery. They also do a lot of bespoke bridges for a fair price.

Who are the characters of Brooklyn bridge?

Theres Mama, Papa, Benjamin, Emily and Joseph. Those are the people in the family that made the bears. Then there is Pauline Unger who is friends with Uncle Meyers (Josephs uncle) and there are Josephs aunts: Aunt Beast, Aunt Mouse, and The Queen. Theres Lizzie Kaplan the real estate agent. Mr. Krom ( Full Answer )

How did the Brooklyn Bridge help the city?

Before the Brooklyn Bridge was built, there was no way to cross the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan, or Manhattan to Brooklyn, except by boat. Traveling between them was extremely inconvenient. The Brooklyn Bridge changed all that. It made commuting much easier; it was now possible for peop ( Full Answer )

What is the Brooklyn Bridge named after?

It was named for the city (now the borough) of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge connects the borough of Brooklyn to the borough of Manhattan.

Is the Brooklyn Bridge the longest bridge in the world?

No. Arguably the longest bridge is the Bang Na Expressway, in Bangkok, Thailand. It is 33.5 miles long (54 km), but is not considered a bridge because it does not cross a single body of water, instead crossing a river and canals. The longest bridge running over a single body of water in the wor ( Full Answer )

How do you rot wood?

Keep it in a damp, warm, and dark place and micro-organisms will do all the work for you.

Does the Brooklyn bridge use triangulation?

Yes the Brooklyn bridge does use triangulation. If you want proof look at a really big picture or use this link below. Zoom in and you can see the triangulation at the sides.

What bridges connect Manhattan to Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. You can remember them, and the order they are in from south to north, very easily, as the acronym formed by their names is the name of a popular kind of car, the BMW : Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg.

What street is the Brooklyn Bridge on?

On the Manhattan side, Park Row is the street that takes you onto the bridge. On the Brooklyn side, Adams Street takes you onto the bridge.

Where is the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan?

The entrance is in the City Hall neighborhood, on the east side of City Hall Park. Go up Church Street, turn right onto Vesey Street, and follow Vesey Street one block. When you come to the end of the block, you will reach an intersection: Broadway runs perpendicular to Vesey Street, heading south, ( Full Answer )

How many bridges in Brooklyn NY?

Brooklyn Bridge . Manhattan Bridge . Williamsburg Bridge . Verrazano Narrows Bridge . Kosciuzko Bridge

Why doesn't McDonald's food rot?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because of the alleged chemicals and toxins McDonald's shoves into their foods. It is not something spectacular that McDonald's created. The real reason is because of the low moisture content in the food. Since McDonald's food is high fat, that leads to low mo ( Full Answer )

Where is the location of the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge is located on the east side of Lower Manhattan, at Frankfort Street. On the Brooklyn side, it is located around the Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods.

How do you prevent wood rot?

Wet and dry rot are two differents types of defect wet rot occur on a wood containing of over 24% of moisture and dry rot occur at 18 % to 22%, to stop does attack you have to use de-humidifiers and mostly allow an ventilation more often to permit the wood to dry when the wood is completly dry i wil ( Full Answer )

What kind of wood does not rot?

Petrified wood (already turned to stone) cannot rot. All otherwoods CAN rot, but treated lumber, cedar, and locust will resistrotting a long time.

Are the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges the same bridge?

No, they are not the same bridge. Three bridges connect Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn: the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is the furthest south, the Manhattan Bridge is in the middle, and the Williamsburg Bridge is the furthest north. The Brooklyn Br ( Full Answer )

What is the bridge next to the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Manhattan Bridge. Three bridges connect Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan. In order from south to north, they are the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge.

What bridges connect to Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. All three connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. You can remember them, and the order they are in from south to north, very easily, as the acronym formed by their names is the name of a popular kind of car, the BMW : Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg. ( Full Answer )

How do you get from the Brooklyn Bridge to Penn Station?

The simplest way is to take the Uptown A express train (of the A-C-E , the blue line) from Chambers Street to 34th Street-Penn Station. You can also take the C , but it will be a longer trip, since the C is a local train. The entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge is located on the east side of City ( Full Answer )

What subway do you take to the Brooklyn Bridge?

It depends on where you're coming from. Several subway lines stop near there: The 4-5-6 (the dark green line) to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall (at the intersection of Chambers and Centre Streets, at the northeast corner of City Hall Park). The R (of the N-R-Q-W , the yellow line) to City Hall (at ( Full Answer )

Is rotting wood a living thing?

No. Rotting wood is part of a ex-living thing. The bacteria and/or fungi in it, that are causing the deterioration, are living things though.

How do you get to the Brooklyn Bridge from Jamaica Queens?

The fastest way is to take the Downtown J-Z (the brown line) to Chambers Street in Manhattan. This station is connected to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station on the 4-5-6 (the dark green line). The Chambers Street/Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station is located at City Hall Park, at the foot of ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't rubber rot?

Because it isn't biodegradable, which means it isn't capable of being broken down through the action of living organisms.

What is the rotting time of wood?

There is no specific time line. It is dependant on the wood and howmuch oil/resin it has in it, if the wood is a hard of soft wood,what the environmental condition the wood is in. But to give a verybasic idea soft wood will start to rot in the outside normalenvironment where you have rain, cold dry ( Full Answer )