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Why doesn't your 1989 240 dl passenger side brake light not work when your headlights are on?

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If it works when the lights are off but not when they're on, you probably have a grounding problem. Make sure the ground wire of the bulb is connected solidly to the vehicle frame. Also verify that the connectors are not corroded.

2006-07-20 18:01:32
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When I turn on the headlights and step on the brake the driver side brake light goes off The passenger light works fine but When I turn the headlights off the driver side brake light works fine?

check your parking light grounds,lights are trying to ground back thru the circut .common to lose ground in the light socket or even a shorted bulb. most part stores have replacement sockets

Please 1999 jeep grand Cherokee why does your right brake light turn off when headlights are on?

This will happen if the ground terminal for the brakelight bulb is connected to the power side by accident. If you have a 3 wire socket or light assembly with GROUND, TAIL, and BRAKE wires two of them are wired incorrectly. When the headlights are off the brake light is finding ground thru the filaments of the headlights. Since the headlights have much heavier filaments, they provide a good ground for weaker brake light. When power is on the headlights the brake light will have power on both sides, so no current flows and it goes out.

Brake lights don't work when the brake is pushed. Work with headlights on only.?

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

Why on a 98 Chevy express do the brake lights go out when headlights are and brake pressed but window brake light works if headlights are off they work?

Check the bulbs one of the 2 filaments may be burned out

What happens when your headlights shine into fog?

the light doesnt go through the fog

My headlights work but I have no taillights or brakelights?

WHAT ARE YOU DUMB REPALCE YOUR LIGHT BULBS STUPID! Not stupid replaced circuit boards checked fuses ran test light . When headlights are on no brake light or taillights and have all new bulbs stupid. Turn headlights off brake lights work, so figure that out smart man

Changing a Tahoe brake light switch?

The brake light switch can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

What could you check if your drivers side brake light works when headlights are off but not when on?

The ground for the brake lamp. When the tail lights are off, the tail light circuit can act as a ground for the brake light. When the tail lights are on, it can't.

97 ford ranger tail light works but brake light doesnt-- has new bulb and fuse?

check brake light switch

How do you turn off headlights in a 1998 Oldsmobile silhouette when it is running?

You can only turn off the headlights by applying the emergency brake. When the emergency brake is on, the headlights will not light. Otherwise the best of my expererience is that they are on all the time. If you have remote start, put the emergency brake on before you leave the vehicle and when you remote start it, the headlights will not be on, but the driving lights (if switch is on) will be on as well as the parking lights.

Why do your headlights come on when you press the brake pedal on your 01' s10-blazer?

The only way your headlights can come on when you press on the brake pedal is a crossed wire. The brake light wire and the headlight wire can be frayed and touching each other.

When you turn your headlights on the instrument cluster does not come on and the brake lights and the brake running light do not come on?

You have blown a fuse, look for an acc. fuse out.

1998 mercury tracer passenger side brake light won't come on?

If it is just ( 1 ) lower brake light that is not working it is probably the bulb

Why does Brake light goes out when headlights are on?

probably bad headlight switch,the break light wires run through the headlight switch

Do the headlights come on at ignition on a 2007Geo tracker?

If it's like a 1996 tracker the headlights won't come on unless the parking brake is released or the light switch is on.

Why doesnt your brake lights work on your 2000 dodge neon?

Bad fuse or bad brake light switch.

Where are all the brake light grounds on 1990 sundance when the headlights are off then brake lights are fine but when u turn headlights on then the brake lights don't work except the cyclops lights.?

You probably have a loose wire connection in the brake light sockets. Insert a nail or probe tip into the back of the light socket where the wires are inserted and test the brake lights. (The socket can appear perfectly normal and the wires may even seem well attached.)

Why on your 93 s10 blazer do your brake lights not work with the headlights on and with them off if you push the brake the brake lights work but the front left parking light comes on as well?

The head light switch is shorting out ,or a bad connection

Why does the brake lights stay on after you turn the headlights on and off on your ford?

I dont know because i dont have a FORD Check your brake light switch on the back of your brake pedal for adjustment.

Why are my brake lights out but my headlights and blinker work?

Nonfunctional Brake LightsOne possible cause of this issue is that the brake light switch is not adjusted properly, or the switch could be defective.

When you turn the headlights on to your 99 Saturn my brake lights do not light?

Check the ground wire to the tail lights.

Your handbrake light doesnt turn off any ideas?

Check the brake fluid reservoir, with some vehicles they share the low fluid light and the e-brake light.

When i turn the headlights on all the lights are on but when i push the brakes the rear lights wont bright up.?

Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.Sounds like the brake light switch is defective.

Why do brake lights stay on when you turn headlights on on your Astra?

the brake lights are on a separate cuircut,if your brake lights are staying then it will be a fault with the brake light switch. the switch is located under dash,and will be on or very close to brake pedal.

Why does your brake light not work when the headlights are on?

Shouldn't have anything to do with it. The brake lights are on a completely different circuit than the headlights. If your brake lights are not working check the switch on the brake pedal. Before you do that check the fuse first. If the fuse is all right it is probably the brake light switch which is bad. Check the bulbs to see if they are burned out. If you can't tell, replace them anyway. If the Brake switch is good and the fuse is good, you may have a loose wire, or a bad wire.