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Why doesn't your website have any answers just questions?

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== == We have lots of answers along with lots of questions. Naturally, we have more questions than answers since they are constantly being asked. This an answer right here to your question, so we must have answers as well. To see the answer, click on the link of any question. If there is an answer, it will show up. If not, it will show up as unanswered.

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What is a website that answers questions?

The one you just asked this question on which is WikiAnswers.

Does answers website actually answer questions?

Yes it does. Just in case if somebody has something to ask. This is like the best website to ask questions!

Why are you asking questions on this website when you can find out the answers just as easily by yourself?

Because we want to!

Why is there barely no answers to any questions on here?

If you want there to be more answers, then how about you join and do something about it, rather than just complain to a website with "no answers."

Where can you find the engine code on your mk3 vw golf?

What is the point of this website it just has questions but no answers!

What do coypu in Africa eat?

I found that doesnt have any answers... just questions. Dont waste your time with this site

Do i have to ask you questions cant i say statements and stuff?

No, you don't have to just ask questions. But why would you want to post statements on a website called Answers?

How do you answer questions on this website without creating an account?

Just get on and answer. But you cannot change answers unless you become a registered user.

How do you add users to your website?

It is simple. Just sign up for the answers. com mail and anytime you can answer the questions you know.

Why don't my questions get answers?

I'm wondering the same thing. It's because this website is crap. If you wanna get answers, ask people in person, or just e-mail

Why does this website not know the answers?

The users of this web-site almost certainly do know the answers - the right person just hasn't read your questions yet (apart from this one !)

Where did the name 'WikiAnswers' come from?

'Wiki' is a type of website where members can edit anything, and Answers is the website that bought and owns WikiAnswers, so by combining the word 'Wiki' with the owner website name 'Answers' (, it comes together as '', where members can edit anything freely under the name. People can get their answers just by typing their questions in the question box, edit questions, edit answers, recategorize questions, and much more! That is the freedom of a wiki.

Are you allowed to ask questions on this website?

Absolutely (you just have) ! The whole point of this site is that people ask questions they need answering - and the rest of the on-line community provide answers.

Who answers the questions on Wikianswer?

its not just one person that answers the questions, any member of wikianswers can answer them if they know the answer.

Why is answers. com such a bad website?

It is such a bad website because usually the people that answer the questions put terrilble answers and make the person that asked the question just wasted their time!I know this because i have expirieced this myself.

Is this a good website for getting answers?

Kind of, honestly YES. I have seen immature people answering questions and such, so just watch out.

Is there any website with answers to Reviewing Earth Science The physical setting questions?

Nope you would just have to buy the teachers edition or simply solve the answers yourself. Sorry.

What kind of questions are answered on answer-com?

The website answers a variety of questions. You can find the answer to just about anything you would like to know on there. It has everything from technical support to relationship advice.

Why does give horrible answers?

It's not the website giving the answers its people with accounts answering the questions by what they have heard. Usually, you can actually find good answers for a question, you just have to change the wording of your question a little.

Do you know a website you can get real answers from? is website with real answers. You can ask and also you can answer - just as I do.

Do you answer Islamic questions?

This website answers questions concerning Islam, Islamic History, and Islamic Doctrine, but, as of yet, there is no qualified Islamic Imam or Islamologist who answers questions on regular basis. It is just those of us laity who understand Islam to a greater degree than the average person.

What website can help you with your world history pacemaker homework?

There isn't a specific website just for that book - you're going to have to actually read it to look for the answers to your questions. Also check your notes to see what the teacher has stressed for that lesson - that usually gives you some idea of where to look, and sometimes even the answers to your questions.

Why are there weird questions on this website?

because think, it's (,so there can be the most stupid questions on earth but, just remember this website is just a site to remind other people what answers are,even if they learn them in school but, nobody is perfect.Everyone needs a reminder every once in a while.

What are the answers on page 67 in science power?

This website doesn't have access to the questions, and isn't here for the purpose of doing your homework. Nobody needs the answers. The questions are there in order to make you think and answer them. If you're not going to do that, then don't bother wasting too much of your time just to get a list of answers.

Why do people answer questions on this web sit so stupidly?

Because the people answering those questions are usually of sort of beginner troll or are just simply goofing around and throwing random, stupid answers to random questions. Or they're just plain stupid. I have seen very little serious, fully informing answers to any questions I've looked up on this website...