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This is not a bad thing; you are in her pack. There's a limit to how much "like mad" excitement you can work up for someone you see every day. She knows what side her biscuit is gravied on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DA REAL ANSWER theze q's && a's r so petty, ya know? were me and mah gurliez come from nobody give a ratz azz abot if their mutt like em or not, its all about frontin' and actin hard, ya know?? raise ya hands in da ayer if ya do

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How does not having a tail affect a dog?

He doesnt really affect the dog it just means you can see it wag its cute lil tail

Are chihuahuas good pets?

yes. i have a chihuahua and she is a little angel. but she doesnt like strangers. she is very protective of me. her name is littlelacy. she is the best dog ever.

Does a moose have a tail?

yes but it's more like a short stub, like when a dog has a short stub for a tail like a boxer does yes but it's more like a short stub, like when a dog has a short stub for a tail like a boxer does

What does snoop dog look like?

dog no he doesnt have a girfriend he has a wife

What has a tail like a dog ears like a dog a head like a dog feet like a dog but isn't a dog?

Puppy, herd this one before but it was a cat to kitten one:)

What dog has no tail?

Every dog has a tail.

Does a dog have a tail?

Yes, a dog has a tail.

What is cold water tail?

cold water tail is what a dog gets when they have been and the water and it is freezing cold and the dog acts like it is broken

Is tail an adjective?

the word tail is not an adjective tail is a body part of a dog, cat, bunny ext. or like a fairytale.

Can you give me an example of tail-tale in a sentence?

the tail of dog is like the story of my friend

What does a dogs tail look like?

look at a dog and find out.

Can a dog break his tail?

of course they can !!! Can a dog have a broken tail

Why does a Doberman breed of dog has a small tail?

a doberman dog is man made, its natural tail is like a lions tail, but it gets cut off and shipped to different country's when it gets to that length.

What does a bull dog look like?

A short, stout dog with a smushed in face & tiny tail.

In the backyardthe dog barked and howled at the cat?

im guessing dog doesnt like cat

Why are dogs scared of strangers?

some dogs are scared of strangers because they might not know who the person is .And when the strange person touches the dog the dog gets scared because when a person touches a dog the dog can see a very big and coming towards the dog. And that is why dogs are scared of strangers .

What is the name of the dog with the longest tail?

The Long-tail Shepard Dog.

How does a dog that has no tail balance?

It might be because the tail of the dog isn't as heavy as the body of the dog.

If a dog has no tail how can you tell if the dog is happy and exited?

A dog waggles its tail when its playing and exited

Can you please give me a shape poem a dog poems?

like a poem like a dog like a tail like a nose like a pore like a door whatever do the konga

The dog that can not bark and has a curly tail?

the dog that can not bark and has a curly tail is hotdog.

How do you know if your dog broke its tail?

if you dog dont wag its tail its broken

Can a dog have a broken tail?

A dogs tail bone can definitely be broken. once when my dog was a puppy i slammed the dog and his tail got caught, the vet confirmed its fairly easy for a dog to brake its tail, so be careful!

Why does a dog bites it own tail?

A dog bites its own Tail because it is something a dog enjoys to do. When they bite their tail they don't bite it really hard and it's what we call, The dog chases it's own tail.

A fury animal with hands feet and a tail?

there are many animals with hands , tail and feet like tigers or it can be a dog or cat