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Why doesnt the mystery gift event give me the gift?

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Mystery Gift does not give you a gift because there are events that come on certain days. You can receive the gifts using Nintendo WFC. When connected, it will search for gifts available and you will get it. You may be able to receive a chance to get legedary Pokemon using Mystery Gift.

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How do you get mew on emerald version?

you have to get it in the Nintendo event or use a wireless adapter to get the mystery gift working and the event will be right in your mystery gift. You will continue talk to a guy and he will give you the event items

Is it true that if you have the mystery gift in emerald you can get the aurora ticket?

yea but i think you have to go to a Nintendo event then theyll give it to you through mystery event. you can also do stuff with your friends through mystery event

What does mystery gift give you?

Mystery gift gives you different event stuff, like the Pass to unlock Darkrai. But they can only be done for a certain amount of days and such.

What is mystery gift on Pokemon?

It's when Nintendo posts an event, if you have mystery gift you may get it if at the right place. Also you can give and receive gifts with other people.

How do you get the stuff from mystery gift after you have mystery gift you link with your friend but it does not give you anything?

Im going to an event and ill ask there sweet You go to toys R us and get the mystery gift; I hear every year its different.

Is there more than one Mystery Gift in Pokemon?

Mystery Gift is an option developed in the second series of Pokemon. During that time Mystery gift could be used with other Pokemon games to obtain random items and such. Now Mystery Gift is used for NoA Events as the proccess to give out gifts. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event This is currently the only known reason for Mystery Gift.

How do you get the Pichu event in Pokemon soul silver?

I think you use the " Mystery Gift" then it may give you the shiny pichu event.

Can you get resrisham in Pokemon white?

Only through an event (sometimes Nintendo may give it out as a Mystery Gift), or by trading.

How do you get 'member card on Pokemon pearl once you have mystery gift?

You have to go to a Nintendo event then they give you the member card. But, there hasn't been an event for that.

You got a Shaymin from an event in diamond and traded it to platinum but the lady wont give you the flower why?

you must use mystery gift -MEjkl

Where is the green suited man with the secret key?

You have to get a mystery gift ,such as the arceus event or the shaymin event. once you've activated those, walk into any poke mart and a green suited man near the counter will give you the item or Pokemon that's necessary to get the mystery gift. Hope I helped you!

What does mystery gift do?

Mystery Gift lets you receive gifts from other players and it lets you give gifts to other players.

Why won't the man give you the mystery gift?

You need another GBA with the game that has the mystery gift option and you both use it.

What kind of Pokemon can you get at mystery gift in Pokemon white?

You cannot just get random pokemon via mystery gift whenever you want, however every now and then nintendo will give you some sort of key item or pokemon egg which you can use to get a special legendary pokemon or event. This website has daily updates and will tell you whether or not there is a mystery gift and how long it will last.

How do you get in the locked house at canalave city in Pokemon pearl?

well the door is for darkrai and to open it you need to get the mystery gift but the event has just finished soz! there will probably be a new one, but to get the mystery gift, go to jubilife city, 3rd floor of the tv station a, talk to a dude and he will ask you for a few words then say "everyone happy" then "Wi-Fi connection" and he will give you the mystery gift then save it and when you turn off and turn back on again there will be a mystery gift option and when the next darkrai event comes up click on it and use wi fi

You have no action replay to get the gracidea flower what can i do?

get shaymin on mystery gift or trade from mystery gift and go to the blonde lady (with shaymin) talk to her and she will give it to you

What day they give out mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

your birthday

How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

go to jubilife in the third floor. there is a reporter.say everyone happy and wifi connection he will give u mystery gift

How do you get jirachi in pearl without action replay?

there a special mystery event at game stop this week just take your game to a gamestop and they give u a mystery gift which u get from the green suit guy in any pokemart

How do you give a mystery gift to your friend's pearl versionwith your diamond version?

You just have to open the mystery gift menu on both games and you and your friend will get a gift. It could be anything .New Pokemon or place.

What is the mystery gift cos you know how to get it but what does it do?

ive done mystery gift before.. umm you need a link cable for this.. and you link up witha a friend.. if both of you have mystery gift then.. you will each give each other a random gift. thats all i know.. or.. all i remmeber

Where to find Celebi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There are two ways to get this. 1] Get a Gameshark and go to to get the cheats. 2] Go to a Nintendo Event and they will give you it. You need to have Mystery Gift, which can be activated by going to a Pokemart and if you look on the counter, you will see a questionnare. write "Link Together With All" and you will unlock Mystery Gift.

How do you get the Azure Flute in mystery gift in diamond?

um i think you have an event and then you hold L and R while going in a poke mart and the guy in the green with give you it i think angelbaby17

How do you give a mystery gift to a friend The only thing you can do is to receive?

mystery gift is for getting items from Nintendo events of getting manafney in Pokemon dimand and pearl from ranger

How do you activate your mystery gift on Pokemon Diamond?

Go to a Poke' Mart and there should be a man wearing green next to the counter. Talk to him and he'll give you the mystery gift.