Why doesnt your dynex HDMI cable fit in the HDMI port on your television?

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All HDMI cables shoudl fit all HDMI sockets, but the mechanical size of the plugs jacket could be a problem if space is tight around the socket. Be aware that there are now mini versions of HDMI connectors (so-called type C). If your cable or connector are different sizes you can purchase type adapters.
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Is an HDMI cable the only one needed to connect to the tv?

Answer . Yes, depending on what you are planning on connecting to your television. If the device you are connecting has an HDMI output, HDMI is the only connection you will need. HDMI carries high definition audio and video.

Does optical need to be hooked to receiver as the HDMI cable to tv?

Answer . Depends on the receiver. Some models have just a pass thru feature and connot decode the audio portion of the HDMI signal, and therefore will need a digital audio cable to get sound.. Some receivers can decode the audio, so you will need to consult your manual to see what they say. If ( Full Answer )

Is the HDMI cable really needed for the Apple TV?

\nNo. Standard audio video cable connections work as well if not better, which is important given that most receivers and TVs have limited HDMI ports, which are usually maxed out by DVD, TV and PVRs

What is an hdmi cable?

An HDMI cable connects digital audio/video devices to each other sothat data can be transmitted from one device to the other. Forexample, a DIRECTV receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray™ Disc player, orsimilar device, to an HDTV. It allows the transmission of bothaudio and video data over a single cabl ( Full Answer )

Do you need HDMI cables to experience 1080p tv?

Both HDMI and DVI carry up to 1080p and are the two common domestic interfaces. If the signal source and the TV are both capable of handling 1080p, they will almost certainly have an HDMI interface. However, the fact that an HDMI interface is fitted to a device does not mean that it will handle 1080 ( Full Answer )

Do you need a HDMI cable to play PS3 on a HD TV?

In order for the PS3 to work best on a HDTV you need to have or purchase either an HDMI or a component AV cable and connect the PS3 to the HDTV. The PS3 will play on a HDTV when it is connected with the AV cable that was provided, but it will not be in HD

Can you record tv with only an HDMI cable?

In theory if your recording device has an HDMI input port, then it could because High Definition Media Interconect (HDMI) is a high speed digital link that carries both audio and video data.. In practice, as far as I know, no TiVo, DVD, or BluRay recorder has an HDMI input. In every case the HDMI p ( Full Answer )

Is it vital to have a high speed HDMI cable for your HD TV?

\nThere are several different specifications for HDMI and more will follow in the future. Each of the specifications provide for certain data rates and the higher the data rate, the higher the resolution can be. HDMI cables are also rated for different data rates. However, it is not quite as simp ( Full Answer )

Why wont an HDMI cable play audio on a tv?

If the HDMI source is setup to output multi-channel audio and the TV is stereo then no audio will be heard. Simply set the source to output 2-channel PCM over its HDMI connection

Do you have to have an HDMI cable to have HD on your PS3 or can you connect it into the HDMI component on my TV?

No, to play your ps3 in HD you must have a HDMI cable. Nowadays they are going really cheap Amazon America= $7.99 Amazon UK= £4.99-£9.99 Hope t helps You can connect it to the HD component on your HDTV with no problem. Sony PS3 accessories even sell the cable for just that purpose. PS ( Full Answer )

Are HDmi cables needed to watch HD tv?

With all domestic equipment on sale now, HDMI cables are needed to watch HD content from external receivers or Bluray players. Although early HD televisions had HD analog component inputs, they won't be found on new equipment. HDMI supports a copy protection system known as HDCP. This prevents the ( Full Answer )

Why audio is not coming in TV when laptop is connected with HDMI cable?

Computers are increasingly using digital video instead of VGA. Many computers now have a DVI connector in addition to \nthe standard VGA connector. DVI carries digital video and happens to be the same signal format as used in HDMI cables. Using a DVI to HDMI cable allows most modern televisions t ( Full Answer )

Will an inferior HDMI cable cause problem for my TV?

Because HDMI carries digital data, any cable will carry the data as well as any other. The digital interface means that the data is recovered by the receiver with no loss whatsoever. If a cable is so poor that it won't carry the data well enough for the receiver to recover it, there will be no pict ( Full Answer )

What is TVs HDMI?

If you have and HD tv it will have that for hd. however you can't use hd unless you have a hd cable box. HD stands for High Definition

Where would an HDMI cable be in the tv?

It would be in the group with most of the other audio/video connectors. It is a rather odd looking rectangle thing and clearly labeled.

Can you use HDMI cables for normal tv?

Almost all modern televisions have an HDMI port built in. It normally suggests that the television is HD ready but there are examples of televisions that will only handle SD signals but still have HDMI inputs. As the cost of HD televisions continues t drop, the number of SD televisions being produce ( Full Answer )

Where does the HDMI cable for the playstation 3 hook up to the tv?

The PS3 end of the cable is always a HDMI plug and the other side goes to the TV. If you have a HDTV with a spot for HDMI input you purchase a HDMI Cable with a HDMI plug on both sides and use that to connect the HDTV. Some older HDTVs do not have an HDMI plug for input and instead have either S-Vid ( Full Answer )

Can you connect a computer to a tv using a HDMI cable?

Most computers can make use of an HDMI input on a television but it's not always possible. First, the computer must have either an HDMI or DVI output. DVI is a digital video port used on many of the latest computers. It is compatible with HDMI signals although DVI does not carry audio and the conn ( Full Answer )

Can you use standard cables with an HDMI TV?

Yes, believe it or not, you can use regular coax cable, s-video, etc to connect to your HD TV. Picture quality won't be so great but it will work. HDMI or component cables give the best PQ. There is one difference between HDMI and component that you may want to know about. Some DVD players will u ( Full Answer )

What models of Sony widescreen tv has HDMI ports?

In almost all regions around the world, all Sony televisions have HDMI ports. It is fast becoming the standard connector for domestic video equipment and it is getting harder to find any television that does not have an HDMI input. Wherever you choose to purchase a television, the staff or the webs ( Full Answer )

What is hdmi on TVs for?

The HDMI connection on a HDTV is an access plug that allows you to add accessories to your HDTV with a single connection plug. Many cameras, camcorders, picture frames,notebook computers, Game consoles, DVD recorders and/or players, etc have a HDMI output that can easily be connected to your HDTV HD ( Full Answer )

Why does my dvi to HDMI cable zoom my rear projection TV?

DVI and HDMI are compatible interfaces for video (DVI does not carry audio so they are not fully compatible). The signals carry data that identifies the image format and size so the display can properly re-size the image to fit the screen. In this instance, it appears that the image size is not bei ( Full Answer )

How can you connect your ps3 to your samsung home theater and to your tv using HDMI cables and will my tv handle HDMI cables if my tv is 720p?

If your HDTV does not have a HDMI input you need either a component or S video cable also designed for the PS3 and purchased from a store like Target or Target.com. That cable has a connection for the PS3 on one side and a connection for your HDTV input on the other side and could cost $25. Some hom ( Full Answer )

What do I do with HDMI Cables?

You can connect your DVD player, laptop or console to your television by using HDMI cables for high definition.

Can you use a HDmi cable on a HD ready tv?

You look at the back of a HDTV or HD ready TV to determine what input plugs exist. You can also use the owners manual. Normally an HD ready TV is an older model that does not have an HD turner for the HD Television broadcasts and does mot has HDMI inputs and instead has the 5 RCA Plug component conn ( Full Answer )

Is a HDMI cable on every tv?

Every modern LCD or plasma television made in the last 5 years has HDMI. The first televisions to have HDMI were introduced in 2003.

Who have the best HDMI cable for your tv?

You can get some good cables but you can also pay a lot more money that you need to for a HDMI cable. Shopkeeprs will try to sell you a £50 cable when you only need a £10 one, just because they get a large cut, more than by selling the TV itself!

What is a good flat screen tv which has a HDMI cable and is cheap?

Most all flat screen TVs have HDMI ports nowadays, as long as the tv is 720p or 1080p (it will say on the box) it will have one. Typically Samsung is the best LCD TV and Panasonic is the best Plasma TV, but Sharp and LG are probably the best cheap TVs that will still look good. If you really want a ( Full Answer )

What is the HDMI port?

An HDMI port, or a High Definition Multimedia Interface port, is used to present a true high definition picture on a screen as well as high quality sound. HDMI ports are often found on LCD or plasma flat panel televisions which can produce an HD picture.

Does HDMI cable carry audio to tv monitors?

Yes. It HDMI stands for High Definition Multi-Input. It uses audio and video. For more information, search http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_hdmi_cable_carry_video_and_audio .

Can I use HDMI cable for TV to TV connect?

Generally, televisions only have HDMI inputs. If there is an HDMI output, it may be possible to connect it to the input of another television although HDMI outputs from televisions are frequently limited in their functionality. Check the manual of the television for confirmation of the capabilitie ( Full Answer )

Where can HDMI to HDMI cable be bought from?

An HDMI to HDMI cable can be bought from almost anywhere in the world, both online and offline. It can be bought from places like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Target.

What does a HDMI to HDMI cable do?

The main function of an HDMI to HDMI cable is to make it possible for a television in order to make it possible to watch HD television. HDMI cables can be purchased at places like Amazon.

What is a hdmi TV?

On which supports an HDMI interface connector. HDMI stands forHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface. By implication the TV willalso be able to render a HD (High-Definition) image.

Do I need a HDMI cable to watch Netflix on a smart TV?

That depends on your hardware configuration. Some smart TV's comewith an inbuilt Netflix app. If this is the case with yours thenyou will not need anything but a Netflix account. If your Netflixis being streamed to your TV from an external device then an HDMIcable will be needed to connect this devi ( Full Answer )