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Which person disappeared after the murder of sir danvers carew

The author creates this mood in his description of the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Dr Lanyon

What mood does the author create in his description of the rooms in Mr Hyde's home

Who identified Sir Danvers Carew's body

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Q: Why don't Harrison's parents respond with more feeling to what they have seen in Harrison Bergeron?
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Were john Scott Harrison and elizabeth ramsey Irwin Harrison really Benjamin Harrisons parents?


What types of conflict are in Harrison Bergeron?

He is conflicts where he is gay and doesnt know if he should come out of the closet to his parents

How does Harrison's death affect his parents in the story Harrison bergeron?

It makes them sad but only momentarily as they are required to have their memory erased every few minutes to make them equal to the forgetful.

Who are Benjarmen Harrisons parents?

they were eli and rose

Who is Harrison Schmitt's Parents?

whos harrison schmitt parents

What are Tom Bergeron's Parents first names?

Tom Bergeron is a popular TV Host on the show Dancing with the Stars. He has also hosted Good Morning America and The Early Show, and has won many Emmy awards. His parents are Ray and Kay Bergeron.

Were george harrison's parents musicians?


What is the purpose of all the gear Harrison wears in harrison bergeron?

Harrison Bergeron, the protagonist of the story, has exceptional intelligence, height, strength and beauty, and as a result he has to bear enormous handicaps. These include distracting noises, three hundred pounds of excess weight, eyeglasses to give him headaches and cosmetic changes to make him ugly.Despite these societal handicaps, he is able to invade a TV station and declare himself emperor. As he strips himself of his handicaps, then dances with a ballerina whose handicaps he has also discarded, both are shot dead by the Handicapper General. The story is framed by an additional perspective from Bergeron's parents, who are watching TV but cannot concentrate enough to remember the incident.For more information on the novel, characters, and themes, please visit the eNotes link below.

Who are Lisi Harrison's parents?

thomas collingwood

Harold and Louise were the parents of which member of The Beatles?

George Harrison

Who is the author of Harrison bergeron?

(major) George & Hazel Bergeron - parents of Harrison. Hazel is "average" and has no handicaps; while George is a big, tall man and very smart. He wears a transmitter in his ear that goes off every 20 seconds to prevent him from using his brain. He has weighted bags attached to himself to make him more "equal". (major) Harrison Bergeron - 14 years old, extremely tall (7 ft); athletic, very handsome, smart. He has sheet metal handicaps to weigh him down; his eyebrows are shaved off, black caps to cover his perfect teeth, very thick glasses and a red ball to be kept on his nose, all to hide his perfectly good looks. (major) Diana Moon Glampers - Handicapper General. She is of average intelligence and looks, appearing to be the same as Hazel, so she does not have handicaps, but she is in charge, has a shotgun and uses it to enforce the "rules". Apparently the rules do not apply to her. (minor) Television announcer - has speech impediment - a job that one with such a handicap would not be able to obtain. (minor) Ballerinas - have handicaps such as masks to cover their beautiful faces, heavy bags around their necks so they won't be able to stand tall. (minor) H-G men - Diana Moon Glamper's "police" that help enforce the laws. (minor) Band players - start out with handicaps that make them play terribly at first. Harrison strips them of their handicaps and they begin to play beautiful music. The H-G comes in and tells them to put their handicaps back on or "they will be shot".

When was Benjamin Harrison born?

Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, 1833