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Why don't Muslims accept that they are really Jews?


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April 19, 2012 3:48PM

Well, they aren't going to accept it because they aren't! They have different thoughts and beliefs and they have every right to believe what they think is right. :)

If Islam were actually Judaism (which it is not), a number of core Islamic beliefs would be considered Jewish heresies such as:

  • Prophesy having occurred after the Destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem
  • Claims that the Torah and its interpretations are corrupted
  • Mohammed and Jesus are prophets and that Mohammed is the final prophet
  • The Concept of Jihad, both as a physical and emotional struggle
  • Open Proselytizing
  • Praying towards Mecca and revering the Ka'aba over Jerusalem and the Temple Site.
  • Rejecting Hebrew as the Holy and Divine Language
  • In terms of food: All foods other than pork are permissible in Islam, contrary to Judaism. And alcohol ... permitted in Judaism ... is prohibited in Islam.