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Jovian planets have a surface made of gas and a high amount of gravity which accounts for the large number of moons they have in comparison to terrestrial planets. Along with their rapid rotation and distance from the sun, Jovian planets accumulate small pieces of rock and ice that get caught in the planet's gravity and orbit it. The small fragments give the appearance of rings around Jovian planets.

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because the planets that have rings have stonger gravitational pulls.

Only the four outer planets have rings. The four inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) dont have rings.

gas giants are the only planets that have rings, the rocky planets dont

Two main reasons. Firstly, the inner planets are a lot less massive, so their overall gravitational pull is lower than the larger gas planets. Secondly, there is, or has not been, as much material closer to the sun. As a result, the inner planets have captured fewer moons between them. These tend to be the cause of the rings in the outer planets, where orbiting bodies can break up and scatter around the planet in discs.

mercury, venus, earth, and mars don't have rings. but some scientists differ whether or not mars has rings, but for now its appears not.

They all have a clearly defined rocky terrain. The outer gas planets dont have a clearly defined surface or terrain.

the inner planets are hot and or warm. the outer planets have rings. they both have the asteriod belt in the middle. they both have4 planets. the inner planets are smaller, made of rock and are AWESOME!

im preaty sure they all dont have rings around them

the inner planet are alike because they are closer to the sun than the outer planets. Another way they are alike is because they all dont have any rings.

Rings are mostly ice, dust, and astroids. The inner planets stronger sunlight sublimes the ice and the solar wind sweeps the dust out of orbit. Comets dont show much 'tail' out by Jupiter because the tail is all ice and dust.

Because they are too close to the sun! The outer planets (gas giants) have rings because there is was more debris left over from when they formed so it turned into moons (all of the outer planets have loads!) and rings. However mars might have a set of rings one day because its moon Phobos is gradually spiraling closer to the planet this means that it will eventually either crash into the surface of mars- sending debris up into space to create moons and/or rings or gravity will pull it apart and it will form rings! Hope this helps!xxx :-)

saturn has rings they dont have volcanoes

Not in our solar system. The Earth is a terrestrial planet, it has a clear terrain or surface, unlike the four large outer gas planets - which dont have mountains. The Earth is the largest of the four terrestrial planets, so a mountain larger than the Earth in our solar system cant be so. The great red spot of Jupiter is three times the size of Earth.

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The four inner, rocky planets are also known as the terrestrial planets. These are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The four outer gas giant planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The inner planets are smaller and have a higher average density. The outer planets are much larger, but have no real surface - just atmosphere that gets thicker as you travel inwards. The outer planets all have a ring system (the inner planets dont) while the outer planets have captured a lot more natural satellites or moons than the inner planets.

No. Earth, Mars and Mercury dont have rings either.

They are similar because the inner planets dont have many moons.

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Rings dont exist in galaxies.

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Planets dont give off light therefore all planets dont give off its own light

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