Why don't the door locks on a 1993 Cutlass stop running until the fuse is pulled but then the brake lights don't work?

Does your car have a remote for keyless entry? I recently had to program a remote for a 1992 Cutlass Supreme. The procedure involves removing the trim on the passenger side of the trunk, near where the antenna sits on a 2 dr. Once you pull off the trim, you should see a wire with a black connector on the end, coming from the passenger compartment of the car. To program a remote, you use a piece of wire to go from this connector to a ground on the car. As long as this connection is made, the power door locks will cycle back and forth. To program a remote, you push the buttons while this cycling is going on, then unground the connection. I don't believe that this connection has anything to do with the taillights, but if your wiring bundle is chaffed somewhere, this could be grounding out the wire for the remote programming, causing your locks to cycle. One of the wires for the tailights may also be chaffed, causing the problems with them. Good luck. Kevin Baillie (1992 Cutlass Supreme Convertible) (1994 Cutlass Supreme Convertible) (1994 Cutlass Ciera)