Why don't you have someone edit your text for grammatical errors and typos on this site?

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We do! We have tens of thousands of users and they all have the ability to correct spelling and typos in addition to providing answers. You can correct them as well and we encourage you to do so!
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How do you edit someone else's question to correct a spelling error?

To edit a question at all, you must first of all be signed in toWikiAnswers. All registered users can edit unanswered questions at any time.(However, you must have a minimum of 100 contributions before youcan edit answered questions.) If you comply with the criteria to be able to answer a questi ( Full Answer )

Where to get advance text final edition?

Get your advance text final edition right here! Just search advancetext final edition and pick the 3rd result. Then follow thesesteps: Steps: 1. Click on the link in the post. 2. Click the .zipfile in the download area thing. 3. Press download. 4. Close tabsthat pop up upon pressing download. 5. Cli ( Full Answer )

What grammatical error in the KJV Scriptures gave life to Terror the child of Error?

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=active&q=%22Terror+the+child+of+error%22&safe=on shows *NO* hits. It might help if you could say what the *correct* translations was, or what part of the Bible it was that got mis-printed, or where you found out about the error. Absolutely none. Let's say ( Full Answer )

How do you edit a scanned text document?

A scanned document is technically a flat image. If you want to edit this document you will need to use something called OCR scanning (Optical Character Recognition). This software can capture computerised text that is legible and convert into text searchable PDF's for example.

How do you edit text on Horseisle?

On Horseisle, to edit your profile click on the PROFILE button. When you can edit, you may do the following: Editing Colours - [red] - [orange] - [yellow] - [green] - [blue] - [purple] - [pink] - [brown] - [grey] - [silver] - [teal] - [black] - [fuchsia] - [olive] - [maroon] - [aqua] - [lime] I ( Full Answer )

What are grammatical errors?

There are so many! By no means do I know them all, but here are the ones I commonly run across: 1) Using 'good' instead of 'well' and vice versa. 2) Neglecting to 'ly' to adverbs. 3) Mixing up 'less' and 'fewer.' 4) Mixing up 'accuracy' with 'precision.' 5) Saying 'From whence' instead of just ' ( Full Answer )

What are the two grammatical errors that people make most often?

Impossible to define, different English-speaking communities make different 'errors' And how are you going to count them? You would need to trawl through a vast amount of written and spoken word (how? speech is not recorded). And some 'errors' are not considered errors in other parts of the world. J ( Full Answer )

Error- you don't have privillages to edit registry?

Registry is the crucial part of windows. You should not edit registry as it may corrupt your windows. You can clean your registry without going there. This is possible only with registry cleaner.

Is a book by Clive Cussler with grammatical errors worth anything?

I very much doubt it. There are few, if any, of Cussler's bookswithout errors, mainly grammatical or continuity. His books arewell known for mistakes (I think he needs to pay his proof-readermore money), and spotting them has become part of the pleasure forme. I am currently reading The Storm in whi ( Full Answer )

How do you edit text on advance-map?

there is a separate tool you can use to edit text called advance text. It isn't too hard to find, just search for it on the internet and download it. Once you have it, open your ROM and you can find what things what you want to edit. sometimes, after you have downloaded it, it won't work because ( Full Answer )

Is there word count on text edit?

Click on 'Word Count' after clicking 'Tools' on the Microsoft Word Menu bar.. This is for Microsoft word. i want it for the free program TextEdit on macs.

Why is every question on WikiAnswers filled with spelling and grammatical errors?

Not every question is filled with spelling and/or grammatical errors. Since questions can be asked by every one in the world, there is bound to be someone who either aren't very good at English, didn't pass English in school, or just do not bother to correctly use the English language, so they short ( Full Answer )

In grease what song had an editing error?

\n. \n"Greased Lightning." When Travolta is lifted by the chain to get the motor, he isn't wearing a jacket. However, when he comes down with the motor, he has has T-bird jacket on. He had thrown it off earlier.

What if your best friend always teases you through text messages with someone and he knew that you don't like that someone he mentions to you What is that means Is he like you?

as one guilty of this.... he's trying to gather intel, such as who you're interested in, if they're interested, etc. generally he's either obsessed and weird (it happens) or he likes you but won't make a move until he knows he has a chance. most likely the case especially if he teases you about dif ( Full Answer )

Does a grammar checker find all possible grammatical error?

Certainly not - but worse, it will be full of error itself. In addition to having inevitable bugs and errors of omission, it only "knows" what people who don't always know everything they think they know know.

How do you let someone else edit parts of your site?

If you want someone else to edit parts of your website, first they have to take your permission to post their ad or updates on your website. Later they have to access your database in order to edit those parts of your website which is stored in the database

Are there any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the Bible?

A: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in a translation are a different thing to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the originals. But yes, they did exist. Mark's Gospel has attracted attention because, while the author displays considerable skill in the Greek language, he wrote in a ( Full Answer )

What are the best photo editing sites?

As for me I like loonapix.com. There are many interesting effectsand cool frames. You needn't skills for editing photos. Also youmay joke your friends adding funny effects. I would also advisemacphun.com - easy to use software with many great features

Why are there so many typos on the site?

Many people on Wiki Answers are too lazy to type correctly. Others are simply (think that people are) young and immature (but that is not true and has nothing to do with the quality of the answer). If you see a typo or spelling error on Wiki Answers, correct it (please :)). That's why it's a wiki.

What is the grammatical error in the preamble of the constitution?

More perfect. Perfect is an absolute. You cannot be more perfect. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility" - It should read "ensure" , nothing is being insured.

Is there a site where someone will edit your photos for free?

um, yeah. if you have a mac/macbook/macbook pro/macbook air... just use iphoto and go to edit photos, or if you are with btinternet/yahoo! for emails, just go to photos and edit. i do not know about pc's or any other email site, so sorr folks... THANKS FOR CHOOSING MY ANSWER THOUGH!!

How do you edit the text of a PDF file?

If you can't edit a PDF file's text, it might be scanned file. In that case, if you want to edit it, please use some PDF ocr softwares. PDF ocr software can recognize the charactors of the file and turn them into text files. PDFOCR is a famous, easy-to-use ocr software, and you can try it by clickin ( Full Answer )

How many sites can be edited?

All internet sites can be edited. You just need the correct protocols and passwords to do so

What is the worst grammatical error?

One popular favorite lately is using "I" where "me" is correct, for example saying Between you and I, instead of the correct Between you and me. This betrays a failure to understand basics of English grammar. Another is incorrect verb agreement with a singular subject and plural predicate, for examp ( Full Answer )

How do you edit text image in Photoshop?

Select Type tool from toolbox on the left side of screen (press letter T or Shift + T) then click and when blinking insertion point appears start typing, that's for point text where you must manually press Enter to switch to new line. To add paragraph text select type tool then click and drag to dra ( Full Answer )

What is editing the text?

"Editing text" means changing the words or reformatting (making bold or italic or indenting etc.) Any changes are called "edits"

What does TYPO mean in text messaging?

A typo basically means a typing error. For example: 'Hey Juyd howare yu?' -- What I wanted to say was: 'Hey Judy how are you?' Butas you can see I made two 'accidental' typing errors.

How do you edit page content on this site?

Be more specific and someone can help you. See the Help Center on the left toolbar for all the help topics youwill need to help you become a good contributor here. If you require assistance, get in touch with a Supervisor via theirprofile. You can tell someone is a supervisor by a special badgethey ( Full Answer )

What is text edit?

There is a piece of software called Text Edit. It is an open source word processor available with Apple and Unix-based operating systems.