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Why don't Chinese people wear white on their wedding day?

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In China, people wear black or white on funerals, so it used to be unacceptable to wear white on wedding. However, things have changed a lot, white wedding dress is often wear by the bride, also there is normally a red dress which the bride may have a change.

From ancient times, Chinese people regarded red color as the symbol of auspicious, signifying reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity.

A Wedding is one of the most important events for people, they light red lanterns & candle, set red fireworks, wear red clothes, pasting in red paper cut... to wish the bride and groom a happy and perfect live after marriage.

While white and black is widely used on funeral, people wear white cloth with black tie on hand, decorated the hall in white and black. Relatives may set chrysanthemum to the death. it is influenced by the western country.

2013-03-13 21:16:34
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