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Why don't Minecraft mods work on Windows 8 laptops?


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2014-03-24 23:45:04
2014-03-24 23:45:04

Mods do work on Windows 8 laptops, you just most likely aren't installing them correctly

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you can get minecraft mods and textures off the minecraft mods website.

Winrar, 7zip those types of programs

Minecraft mods are always free.

bearshare is not required to get minecraft mods.

there are no mods in minecraft pe i hope there will be

Yes, most Minecraft Mods are updatable.

all the minecraft mods are virus free as long as you dont install then incorrectly

you can get most minecraft mods off the minecraft mods website, or you can google.

you can easily get mods from planetminecraft

Minecraft Forge lists you all mods in minecraft and Forge

Of course, but some mods are harder to install than others. Watch online tutorials for the specific mod you want to install.

Unplug your hard drive and put it in your computer and get mods for minecraft

download it then chuck its contents in a mods folder in minecraft .jar

You can download minecraft plugins from planet minecraft minecraft forums bukkit (for multiplayer) mods for minecraft.com mods for minecraft.net

First you need to buy MineCraft, and download forge. Press windows+R and type in %appdata%. In .minecraft drag the pixelmon java thing in the mods folder. If there is no mods folder, simply make one.

Minecraft 1.4.6 mods will work with 1.4.7 sense they are both a 1.4.

Not in the current Vanilla (Minecraft without Mods) Minecraft, no. But their are a few Mods out there that will make that possible.

google search the minecraft forum and click on the mods tab

Check out the link below for a guide of how to install mods in Minecraft.

Mods can be downloaded from Minecraft Forums. (See related link below.)

It might not be out yet but it should be. You have to download and install forge then you can install mods by going to .minecraft/mods and adding a mod there.

All mods that dont add items/blocks to the game, or spawn items (cheat in anyway) will work

You have nothing to worry about when downloading mods from Planet Minecraft, it is safe.

Have you tried to download mods? If so, some mods aren't really mods, they're scams and they hack your computer so minecraft and other programs on your computer won't work. If you usually don't shut off your computer every day, then shut it off and try playing Minecraft in-browser again.

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