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Mormons do not have anything against animals.


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=some people dont like animals they like to abuse them instead.=

they aren't dont be so mean i know many mormons and they are all very nice

No, Mormons believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross, just like most other Christians. Mormons believe and study the Bible throughly, so the accounts there are what we believe. Mormons dont however use the cross as a religious symbol like many other religions... Perhaps you are thinking of the Jehovah's Witnesses? They do not believe that Jesus died on a cross.

Well non-mormons think that mormons:are polygamists (aka they have several wifes)are not allowed to have caffeinedont believe in godNONE OF THIS IS TRUE! TRUST ME I AM A MORMON!

If they don't like Mormons, you would probably call them "bigots". If they don't like the teachings of the Mormon religion, you would call them 'Anti-Mormons'.

I dont know but if you like my answer you are stupid

Mormons eat food just like other people.

they generally dont as they have sensative ears but if you play it quietly some animals(like my dog) enjoy it! :)

because they like it...dont you like bacon?

i dont know but i really would like to................

dogs and i dont no what plant they like

no they dont like being in cages

Animals have a mouth and plants dont. Plants cannot move to like animals do.

yes tons of animals dont migrate like frogs deer and other animals

some thing that dont catch your intrest like if you dont like animals,food,school,computer,poems and coats

yes there are animals that hunt down other animals like humans, they are called carnivors they are animals that eat meat only. but there are other animals that hunt animals but they dont eat them. I dont know what there called but i know they are here.

they do that becuse they can try out new medicen and things like that but i still dont like the fact that they do it on animals

First off you have to find out ---- People who like animals How many animals they have People who want animals but cant have them allergies People who dont want animals because of allergies People who dont want animals overall People who are scared of animals..

cause either they like it or they dont. they are like us we eat different foods because we dont like some. Viickkaayy_x_

invertibrates dont u know animals like jellyfish, worms and slugsinsects,spiders

No, the main reason for this is that plants dont have brains!

animals like dogs are more playful so they play games like fetch and even some cats play fetch but i dont realy know mutch about other animals.

It depends... if you mean like a bear they have backbones but if you mean like a jelly fish than they dont have backbones cause they dont have backs

I dont think so... Do humans like their butt? And humans ARE animals right?

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