Why don't dragons exist and please give good reasons why?

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January 12, 2013 4:45PM

I think that the only "proof" that we have that they don't exist

is that we don't have any evidence of them... no fossils, no living

examples. That's the best reason that I can give.

Other things seem implausible. Some dragons are said to breathe

fire. If that were literally true, wouldn't they burn themselves,

especially the inside of their mouths? But I have read interesting

Science Fiction explanations of how a creature like that could

exist, so... who knows.

I have also met people who believe that they do exist, and I'm

sure that there are other people out there. I don't believe that

they exist, at least the way they are portrayed in many stories...

gigantic, intelligent beasts who breathe fire, or other things like

ice, acid, etc., who terrorize the countryside, but who are also

literate and wise. I'm also not sure where so much literature came

from... is it all based on some original fabrication that caught

the imagination of multitudes of people from many different

countries, or was there something that actually existed that people

base the dragon myth on? Are there giant sea serpents? We have no

evidence, but is lack of evidence always proof that something does

not exist?

On the other hand, the Komodo dragon exists as an actual

creature... so what is your definition of dragon? If it is just big

lizard, they do exist.

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Who said they didn't exist? There has been thousands of species of

animals we didn't know about for so long and who can't say that

dragons haven't been discovered yet? Some people may have

discovered them, like Dr. Ernest Drake (a dragonologist), they may

have found them and told someone but they didn't believe them

because the fact that there are huge flying lizards around is hard

to believe.

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