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Why don't i get power to my car stereo?


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Who knows? You need to test the circuit with a test light or digital multimeter. It could be as simple as a blown fuse, or it could be a defective car stereo.

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the ACC wire from the stereo is connected to constant power (+12V) orange and yellow wires are power

You'll need a pretty substantial amplifier to fully power the Boss Diablo D693.However any car stereo will power it at lower volume levels.

Yes, the cassette is inserted into your car stereo which uses power from the battery.

In Car Stereo was created in 1983.

The power used by Pioneer brand car stereos is variable depending on the specific model of stereo. For example, Pioneer stereos use as little as 5 amps and as much as 12.

The THD Hot Plate is a power attenuator for a car stereo system. You can use the THD Hot Plate to keep a power source to your amps. The Hot Plate is used by serious car stereo enthusiasts.

the black wire or yellow wire are not connected right

Some headunits share a power antenna & remote wire are the same wire. If it is hooked up to power antenna and not hooked up to factory amp there is no signal to tell amp to power up

You can easily remove your old car stereo without taking help of a car stereo expert. However, you need to follow some steps and need some tools to remove your old car stereo. You can save your money by following the steps for removing your car stereo otherwise you have to pay more money to the professional car stereo installer.Here are some steps to remove the car stereo safely.First of all, Read the user manual of the car where you can find some tips to remove the car stereo. You may find a diagram of stereo wiring, so it would be more help to you.To remove your car stereo safely, please disconnect the battery to avoid electrical short during working with wires of car stereo.To remove your car stereo from the dashboard use screwdrivers to remove the screw, which is holding car stereo. Furthermore, check that your car stereo connected with dashboard using spring or clips and others.Remove dash panels and take out the bolts and screw which hold car stereo. Now pull out your car stereo.Now you can see there are some wires, which are connected on the back of the car stereo. A wiring of car stereo is protected with clip. You should pull out the wire straight out.For more information about remove old car stereo and want to new car stereo installation, please feel free to visit this blog

I have the CD, but how do I reset my eclipse 5342 CD car stereo after power loss?

Check the fuses, remote wire, and power wire first of all. If that doesn't work you might have wires loose somewhere.

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I need to unlock a jvc-kw-xr616 car stereo

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You may have to disconnect and recharge your car battery for your car stereo to work again.

If your car stereo is always hot at all times it shouldn't go out or has connectivity when at "start" Turning the key from "on" to "start" temporarily cuts out the power connectivity. Stereos are not designed to have power at "start" because pretty much the starter uses much amperage and voltage from the battery the seconds while the engine is being cranked

It depends on the capacity of the battery and the power used by the stereo. To roughly calculate the time, divide the amount of charge in the battery (amps hours) by the amount of current (amps) used by the stereo. If you don't know the current, divide the power of the stereo (watts) by 12. That would give you the current at max power output (max volume).

Expensive. Home Amps require 120V AC power source. You will need a power inverter capable of running the amp that is run from the car battery (12V DC). Car Speakers are rated at different Ohms and Watts then home Stereo Speakers so using a home amp will fry your car speakers. Best to get a car amplifier that is made to run off the stereo power your speakers.

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Take the rcas from the amp and connect it to the + and - posts on one of your speakers.

Power output for a car stereo is pretty standard across the board -- for higher power output you'll need to investigate amplifiers.

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