Why don't many people live on islands?

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many people dont live on islands because it is near or on the see and a lot of people is afraid of any water what so ever or they dont want to be near or on the see so they live not on a islands and it is totaly up to evry body people on this island if they wont to live on a island or not and nobody can chose it for them it is up to them if they want to live on a island or not
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Why don't people live in Antarctica?

It is an extremely inhospitable continent, and down right cold on its best days.. Because it is absolutely freezin!!!. Antartica cannot sustain life except in only the most primitive ways, such as lichens etc because it's to cold , with a lack of resources and natural vegatation x

Why don't people live forever?

Their bodies and minds are not designed to live forever. Ifpeople lived forever, the planet would be overcrowded in no time.It took us a long time for people to have an average lifespan of 75years, with some people living to be 100, or in case of a Frenchwoman, 120 years old. The sun will go nova so ( Full Answer )

Why don't people live in the desert?

mostly because its really hot and there's no water and they cant survive with out water food and they can spoil because its so hot Traditionally no one has because of the lack of resources (water, food, shelter, etc). Today there are only people in desert regions that also live in major cities or to ( Full Answer )

Why do people live on islands?

People choose to live on islands for many reasons. People like theslower life of an island. Many also like to live on islands for thescenery and peacefulness.

How many people live per square feet on the island of New York?

There are 390 square feet for every person on Manhattan, not including the other boroughs. \nI got this information by finding the square mileage of Manhattan and its population from the Wikipedia page on Manhattan, here:\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan\n. \nThen, I used this converter to c ( Full Answer )

How many people live in island?

The number of people that live on islands depends on the island.Some islands are hugely populated (such as Australia). Otherislands have no human inhabitants at all.

How many islands in the Philippines do people live in?

There are 3 main islands in the Philippines. The Luzon, Visayas, and the Mindanao. But there is an archipelago composed of approximately 7,107 islands. There are more than 2,773 that been given names. Population of people in these 3 main islands: Luzon ~ 39,500,000 Visayas ~ 17.3 Million (As of ( Full Answer )

Why don't many people live in Western Australia?

Many people do live in Western Australia. Perth is an attractiveand livable city, with a population of over 1.47 million. WesternAustralia itself recorded the highest growth in population, withMarch 2008 statistics indicating that population had grown by 2.6%over the previous twelve months, in compa ( Full Answer )

What island do Manx people live?

On the Isle of Man. It's between England and Ireland. Capital is Douglas. It is famous as a tax haven and for TT motor bike racing in August. Did you know....Manx cats have no tails.

How many people don't have healthcare?

I assume the question is referring to the total number of people in the US without health *insurance* rather than health *care*. According to a US Census Bureau report from September 2009 (based on 2008 data), there are 46.3 million persons without health insurance in the United States.

Are there people living on Easter island?

Population at the 2002 census was 3,791 (3,304 in Hanga Roa alone). 60% were Rapanui, Chileans of European or castizo descent were 39% of the population, and the remaining 1% were Native Americans from mainland Chile. Castizos may include people of European and Rapanui or European, Native American, ( Full Answer )

Why do people live in Rhode Island?

People live in Rhode Island for many reasons. They have a very lowcrime rate compared to many other states and the schools have highratings. It is also one of the cleanest states in the US.

Why don't people live in deserts?

People do live in deserts. It is a harsh enviorment,because there isn't much water and people need water to live. Theharsh enviorment causes for there not to be as many people livingin the desert. There are millions of people who live in cities and towns in thedesert. Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix a ( Full Answer )

Why people don't live forever?

Human beings have parts that wear out. Some say that every day a person lives, starting at birth, is one day closer to their death--and it's true. By the time a person reaches 40-50 years old, some parts begin to show wear and tear. We have: achy bones; sore muscles; trouble digesting foods; gallb ( Full Answer )

How many people live on long island new york?

According to the 2000 census, 7,448,618 people live in Long Island. Of course if you wait until the 2010 census results are released you will get a much more accurate number.

Do people live on Kelleys Island?

There are several 'Kelleys Islands' out there. The one in Ohio is a tourist destination and yes, there are quite a few people who live there. There are over 800 houses on the island, the 2000 Census listed 364 people as permanent residents, and in the winter, we have just 100 people spending the win ( Full Answer )

How do islands effect people lives?

Because they are surrounded by water, making them rely on themselves a bit more than larger countries, like the US for example. Also there are a lot of different resources such as sand and coconut trees, and a lot of islands have weekly rituals, such as the "Sex Go-er" on an island South of Australi ( Full Answer )

Why do people live on barrier islands?

Because they often provide a great view of the ocean, nice beaches, and escalation in property values. They can also be wiped away, so it's a risk though!

Do people live in white island?

No one has lived on White Island since the Sulphur Mining factory was abandoned in the 1930's. There are helicopter companies that land people there on most days and White Island Tours operate daily tours by boat each day. Approximately 18,000 tourists visit the volcano each year.

What do people eat when they live on an island?

Many times an island meal consists of the local fruit and vegies. But, just cause there on an island doesn't mean they cant still grill food like burgers and hot dogs.

How many people don't eat?

the peope that dont eat are people that were abanded by their family like usaully its the people who you see living in the street most of this situation is in camden and usally they have churches that are always open for the people that cant eat the churches hav dinners there for them to eat or take ( Full Answer )

Can people live on Kerguelen islands?

Yes, and there are people living there. About 70 researchers live there in winter and 110 in summer. I believe there are also a few shepherds on the island to supply the scientist with meat.

Why don't many people live in desert areas?

Actually, millions and millions of people around the world live incities and towns in deserts. Look at Las Vegas, Nevada, or Cairo,Egypt. There are many more examples around the world. Actually, there are millions of people around the world who live indeserts. In North America, alone, we have such c ( Full Answer )

How many people live on Sable Island?

No one knows for sure. But I believe that on a website it says there is, about 3,549 people on the Island. I could be ENTIRELY wrong. Since only; Artists, Photographers, Tourists, Scientists, and a few others go there.

How do people live in faroe islands?

It's a common missconception that people in the Faroe Islands livelike they did in the middle ages. They live under the sameconditions as most of Europe does.

How Do People That Are On Private Island Live?

When people imagine life on an island, they usually picturesolitude and being alone. However, in the real world, this isdifferent. An island owner will have neighbours and will need toget by boat to a point at the mainland. The owner will need to buyfuel and food, visit repair stations, postal servi ( Full Answer )

How many people live on the Aran Islands?

About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people. About 1200 people.

How many people live on the island of Texa?

Texa is a small island just off the coast of Scotland. It is currently uninhabited by people, but many wild goats and some otters call Texa their home.

Why don't people live underground?

I have no idea when this was asked because I can't find a date onit so I am going to answe it anyway. People tend to not live underground because it isn't truly the bestor healthiest way to liove. Lack of sunlight and fresh air aredetrimental to human health. THere havve been, in the last 40 yearsor ( Full Answer )

Why don't people live in Kilimanjaro?

Much of the Kilimanjaro area is a national park, meaning that it isprotected in its natural state, and people cannot live on the landand corrupt that nature.

Why don't many people live on wetlands?

has heavy rainfall, non measurable storms, heat that can be unbearable, thunderbolts, and floods that can last for months . saturated soil can kill crops . soil isint firm enough to build houses

How many people don't have resumes?

Unless you're looking for a job, there's no particular reason foryou to have a resume or for anyone to care whether you do or not.It's not something that anyone keeps statistics on, so it's notpossible to answer the question.

How many islands in the Philippines don't have names and why?

I would bet that most of those apparently un-named islands DO havenames, but they are simply not important enough to be named onregular maps that most of us see. I would expect most of them areon naval charts and possibly even large scale maps of thePhillipines.