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The men don't need them.

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Why men are opssessed by women's breasts?

Some/most men are pigs.And they dont relize what they are really looking for,until they have found it.

Why dont men grow breasts?

Well men's "breasts" do grow during puberty but, women grow breasts to feed the baby. That's what they're made of-milk and fat for women!

How do you know if your bf likes your big breasts or not?

All boys/men like breasts and if you are unsure you could always ask him. rub them in his face and see if he likes it, i dont know

Why do men not have breasts?

AnswerMen do have breasts, they just do not develop unless you have high estrogen levels.

Do men care about sagging breast?

well some men do some men dont. in most casses sagging breasts may be unappealing to most men so try the push up bra.

Why do men like female chests?

Because women have breasts in their chests and men like breasts

Why do men suck womens breasts?

Because it's a fetish of there's.. Some guys like it and some guys dont

If men had breasts would they be classified as gay or bisexual for enjoying women's breasts?

Breasts don't make a woman. Some women are flat chested. The men who love them aren't gay. Also, if men had breasts, they would be men's breasts. So a man attracted to men's breasts would be gay.

Why do men like small breasts?

Men like small breasts because they are the perfect size for their grip.

How do you touch a breasts?

you dont

What the most like of men in the girls?

Well most men that dont care about striping a girl down cares about her personality and what she likes, most men or boys like me look at girls in the ass, breasts, legs, face, curves, and body, and dont forget her parents!

How do you give a man an erection?

Many ways, you dont even have to get physical, although it helps. Men are very visual, just seeing your breasts will give most men an erection.

Why are men obssessed with breasts?

Not all men are obsessed with breasts, but those who are (and those who aren't) like the way breasts look. They also like to touch them. It is an excitement for them.

Why don't men have boobies?

Men too have breasts.

What do men think of sagging breasts?

Men think, "What a tragedy that beautiful, luscious, blooming breasts can become saggy and useless."

Do breasts look awesome?

No they dont.

Do men care about breasts?


Does soy milk cause men to grow breasts?

well, men grow breasts anyways because everyone does so it does not mater

Men with breasts?

All genders possess breasts, but they are rudimentary in male and young females

Why do men get breast?

Men get breasts because they are fat and eat to much

Why do some men want to grow breasts like women?

Why do some men want to grow breasts like women

What actors and actresses appeared in In My Country Men Have Breasts - 2012?

The cast of In My Country Men Have Breasts - 2012 includes: Mania Akbari

Do girls like it if you grab there breasts?

NO they dont..

How should you press her breasts?

you dont press....

Why do you get breasts?

Girls develop breasts due to the hormones in their body. Usually, breasts are developed at the age of 10-13 They have different hormones to boys, which is why boys dont have breasts.