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We still do. People still can use Limewire if they desire to do so along with napster or morpheous. Most people probably use winmx or something similar because it's cheap and easy to use. Also, some computers block Limewire access due to a firewall and can be a hassle to keep turning your firewall on/off all the time. Limewire also gave some people virusus on there computer because people have noticed

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How do you download LimeWire to itunes for free music?

Don't do it. Limewire is full of junk you dont want on your computer. Nothing is free.

Why should people be allowed to use LimeWire?

People dont need to be using limewire because the share the music!

Can you legally download music from LiveWirecom?

if it is copyrighted, its illegal. dont do it. its not right. i think there may be leglal downloads, but if its copyrighted music, it is illegal. DONT USE LIMEWIRE

When you download a song do you pay for the music as well as download Kb?

if you have payed online yes but if you download a program like limewire you dont pay for either .

What are the sites to download music for free?

Limewire is a main one and frostwire but dont be a hack losers if you want music go buy it and not cheat. U are the kind of people that Skrew this country up.

On LimeWire if you dont allow people to download your copyrighted files but you download theres will you still get caught?

You could, but the chances are unlikely.

Can a PSP get LimeWire?

it is possible but not probable. I heard about some people that can, but they don't live in America. you dont need limewire on psp because you can download the things you get from limewire to psp! psp is a personal limewire to!:-) cole

What program can you download for free that you dont have to pay anything to download music movies videos ect?

limewire. its pretty good but watch for viruses! i know of nothing better.

Can you give me some websites to download free music on to your ipod?

on limewire they are free (grace.kong): yes they are free however, it is illegal, and is told to shut down the company so do not use limewire if you dont want to get caught :)

Where can you download free songs without LimeWire?

I have a program called blubster. there are lots more like kazaa and morpheus and grockster etc. they all download music and videos and that kind of stuff but you still have to download the program. if you were looking for something that you dont have to download, sorry i dont know of one.

You have LimeWire installed in your computer and i want to download song using LimeWire but you dont know the procedure?

At the top of the LimeWire screen, click on the word "Help" and then on "Using LimeWire". ANSWER: IT'S ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you install LimeWire in Windows Vista?

dont do lime wire...its illegal ____ The software Limewire, isn't itself illegal. You will not get into trouble simply by having it in your computer. What may get you into trouble is the programs/music you download using it. You are free to download NON copyrighted material or anything in the public domain. You legally cannot download copyrighted material. And yes you can install Limewire if you are running Vista.

Is LimeWire free music dowloads?

No Limeware is illegal. Dont try it.

Can you download call of duty 4 off LimeWire?

dont even try

Is there a website that you can download songs for free?

limewire go on search engine put in limewire they will ask you to go pro dont do it just keep on asking for limewire free you will get it then you can download anything you want even the number 1 at the time

Is there other programs that are like LimeWire but actually legal?

Limewire in its self is a perfectly legal program. You may notice that before you download it, you tick a box saying you agree not to use the program to exploit copywrited songs. This protects the people that make limewire. There is no law against people sharing files, just against people hosting copywrited material. It is illegal to download a copywrited song, but not to use limewire, so dont expect to get arrested if you have the program. These music lawyers have bigger fish to fry: the guys who have "open folders" on their computer allowing people to download copywrited material. Besides, if we want more of this music in the future, then the best way to go about it is to buy the album so the aritst and producer can make another one, and want to. BE FAIR!!!!

Where can you download pivot stick figure v.3.0?

i dont think you can download pivot sick animator 3.0 now the only place is limewire as people have told me.

How do you download tracks from traxsource using LimeWire?

You dont. You go to the store and pay for the cd.

Where can you go to download the song it will all be over after while?

You can download it on limewire. But you would have to install it. If you dont have it just google search it.

Where can you download LimeWire Pro totally for free?

See the Related Link.AnswerGo to www.freelimewirepro/download.comits where you dont pay a cent for limewire pro, eveni think its bull that you have to pay for pro, so theres the limewire pro free download site.

What is a good free music download site?

Limewire is good but after a court order it is no longer availible, has a free trial when you can download some songs, but after the trial runs out then you have to pay for a member ship. frost wire is slow but if dont mind that then its good. DO NOT TRY MUSIC OASIS

How Sims 2 LimeWire download?

your sharing a file who people may add stuff such as viruses. Just buy the game!If you downloaded the sims 2 from limewire your pirating aka stealing the companys idea. (EA) please dont download pirated games or movies,it's stealing

What if i don't want LimeWire?

If you don't want Limewire, then don't download it. If you want to uninstall Limewire, go to start -> programs-> limewire -> uninstall. Or go to Start-> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs-> click on Limewire -> click uninstall or change.

Why do people illegally download music?

So they dont have to pay for it. Moreover, some uses for fun.

How do you download music at school?

u dont