Why don't people have an accent when they sing?

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Some people do have an accent while they sing, for example "Camille" ( a french singer) does have a slight accent when she sings in English. As a whole however, the act of singing is essentially talking and stretching out the vowel sounds. In most languages, vowel sounds are universal; so when they are stretched and modified with pitch, they often lack culturally induced inflections.
Singing also relies heavily on consonant sounds, leaving less room for dips in tone or clipping of syllables giving music a more universal sound)

Other songs commonly sung with accents include
  • "Loch Lomen" - A Scottish folk song
  • "Electricity" - Billy Elliot the Musical
  • "Donkey Riding" - A Newfie Folk Song
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Why don't people stutter when they sing?

Singing uses different parts of the brain as well as the parts used for speech! - recent research has found that singing can help brain damaged people to improve their ability to speak by helping rewire the brain. foxygirl1234:simply b/c it is how many people express emotions.. and tehy get ric ( Full Answer )

Why do people have accents?

some people say that it is because they are from a different country or place, They only know to speak their own language. So it is hard for them to speak the right way.

Why do people have different accents?

If you think for example 200 years or more ago , there were no communication aids like radio or telephone , no-one travelled much unless they really needed to , and so there were many variations in language . In the same country people from one village or town or tribe , could possibly live their wh ( Full Answer )

Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation." First the matter of intonati ( Full Answer )

Why do English people have English accents?

English comes from the UK, and England is in the UK. If you are comparing it to the American-English, American-English is derived from many dialects, and sounds different from the way it began sounding. Just as in the USA each state has regional dialects, such as southern states . Most countries ( Full Answer )

Why don't Americans have an English accent?

They do. It's just that the English accent has actually evolved over time, whereas the American accent has become more entrenched in its current form. Originally, both the British and Americans spoke with a rhotic accent. Rhotic essentially means an accent where the letter 'r' is pronounced s ( Full Answer )

What is the English accent of German people?

Those Germans who speak English generally do so with a German accent, since pronunciation from their first language affects the way they speak their second. For instance, Germans have difficulty with "th" sound as the "h' is silent in German- eg Neanderthal is sounded Neandertal, so they will say "z ( Full Answer )

Why do Irish people have that cool accent?

Well,why does anyone have an accent?It is reminiscent of where you come from.It is irrelevant whether people regard it as cool or not.The Irish people do not consciously choose to speak in the fashion they do.

Why do french people have accents?

For the same reason that Americans do: they retain the ways of forming sounds that have become habits. Most people who learn a second language after the age of about 12 retain some of their native accent. And keep in mind: to the French, we are the ones with the accents.

Why do Scottish people have an accent?

Technically, people only have accents because they speak differently then you do. To them, you have an accent, and they don't. It's just their way of speaking.

Why do English people have peculiar accents?

Everyone has a different accent in different countries. England is like America the different places you go you getdifferent accents there not all the same. For instance anindividual can have a Essex accent which is different to the Londonaccent. Also, other accents are Lester accent or a Manchester ( Full Answer )

Why do English singers sing with an American accent?

I think you'll find most singers (English and American) sing in a neutral accent. It sounds slightly British and slightly American. This is because: 1.) They want to make their music more marketable over the pond. Every British artist wants to make to big in America, and every American artist wa ( Full Answer )

Why do british people have accents but Americans don't?

Americans do, in fact, have accents; just not to other Americans from the same area. If you sound different in dialect to someone else, and pronounce words differently than others, then it's likely you have an accent; in this case, everyone in the world has an accent.

What accent do french people have?

This French accent guide shows you step by step how to do a French accent and has videos of people speaking in a French accent. I honestly think the best way to learn is to watch people speaking it, but read through the how-to first so you know what to listen for. hope that helps http://sites ( Full Answer )

Do Dutch people have accents?

Yes we have accents. Many of them! All people in the world have accents. Language cannot be used without accents.

Why do people adore accents?

People are attracted to differences, and when they meet someone who speaks differently, it's very interesting to them!

Do American people have accents?

Yes. We hear our own regional accents easily, usually by how nasal our vowel sounds are. I understand that when trying for an American accent, most people lock onto the southern accent, but this is the extreme. If you want to see a Brit doing a perfect American accent, watch Hugh Laurie in the TV se ( Full Answer )

Why don't Australians have British accents?

The simple answer is because they are not British! Australians developed their unique accent because of the accents of the original settlers (who came from various parts of the UK but with a high concentration of Londoners and Irish) and the unique social setting of the penal colony and the subseque ( Full Answer )

Why do English people have weird accents?

There are a number of accents within the UK, with different phonetic characteristics. So if one English accent seems 'weird' another might not. And, of course, as English originated in the UK, it could be argued that accents outside the UK are the 'weird' ones!! ;-)

Why do the people in London speak with an accent?

Because everyone speaks with an accent, including you. Accent is simply the way we shape our mouth as we say words, and everyone shapes it one way or another, and everyone sounds different to someone who speaks a different way. but to Americans yes it does sound like an accent.

Do Minnesota people have different accents?

People from different area's of the United States can have different accents. So, essentially, if you're not from Minnesota, you may think that someone from that state has an accent.

How did accent people build bridges?

Ancient people built bridges in different ways. The Romans are an ancient civilization who built bridges by building a rounded shape out of wood or dirt, laying bricks or stone on top of the arched shape and then taking away the dirt of wood. This would leave an arch under the new bridge.

Why don't Americans have accents?

We do. Everyone has a different accent according to someone else. Within the US there are many different accents. I live in the south and we have a southern accent. People from the North east have what we down south call a Yankee accent. People from the Midwest have a distinct accent from other ( Full Answer )

Do people from Missouri have an accent?

It depends what part of the state you live in. I live in Branson and people here have southern accents, but that's really close to the Arkansas border. I've heard people from St. Louis and they sound like they have a northern accent, like Chicago!

Why do some people have accents?

Accents are simply variations on pronunciation of people who basically speak the same language, and (usually) can understand each other. And everyone has an accent to somebody's ears. What sounds like perfectly normal speech to a person from one area will sound a little unusual to people from anothe ( Full Answer )

Do people from Atlanta have a accent?

All of us have an accent. I may feel the general public in Atlanta have an accent, but they feel the same way about me in terms of how I articulate. So they may say to me (coming from the New York Metropolitan area), "ya-all talk funny."

Do people from Pennsylvania have accents?

Yes, they do. Geographically speaking, it seems as though every region has a distinct dialect. Sherlock Holmes (yes, a fictional character) was quite the parlor entertainer with his ability to pinpoint people's place of origin by their speech patterns.

Why do the American people have different accents?

Americans like every one else picks up on how words are pronounced from those around them at a very young age. And just like other countries, it differs within the country itself for the same reasons.

Why don't Americans have British accents?

I don't see why they don't. The British DID colonize America, and Canada! The Australians and New Zealanders got them. Why? MY ANSWER: America had a huge influx of non-British people, especially after the war of Independence. And I'm sure that since we did REBEL from Britain, a British accent ( Full Answer )

Why do people love Rihannas accent?

Because it's unique and she's has a lovely sounding voice, people seem to love Brittish (english,welsh,scottish) accents and Irish accents, and rihanna's accent sounds abit Irish. Jamaicin accents are awesome:)

Do the people from Michigan have accents?

Yes and no. There are two regions in the state of Michigan, the lower peninsulaand the upper. People in the lower peninsula claim to have noaccent, and for the most part this is true. Lower peninsula peopletypically have no drawl or lilt, they do not have a twang and arenot guttural. There are se ( Full Answer )

I'm from the US- why do I sing with a British accent?

Many American music teachers and choral directors promote some pronunciations that are more typical of British speech. In a chorus, it is always preferable to have everyone following some standard and so pronouncing things the same way, instead of having five different sounds for the same word at t ( Full Answer )

Why don't they sing?

If someone you know "doesn't like to sing or just doesn't want to", Then they must feel embarrassed or uncomfortable singing. maybe something in the past a actually led to a bad thing..

Do people from Rhode Island have an accent?

Yes, as one might expect from geography, it is similar to the Boston accent, but with some differences. Like the Boston accent, it is non-rhotic (the 'r' in many words is almost silent). Unlike the Boston accent, there is (sometimes) an emphasis on the 'aw' sound ("Prawvidence"). When people from RI ( Full Answer )

Do people in Texas have a accent?

No, people OUTSIDE of Texas have accents. Actually, everyone has an accent, you just don't notice it if theirs is the same as yours.

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Where do people speak with a British accent?

There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a ( Full Answer )

Why do british singers loose their accents when they sing?

Most singers at least partially "lose" their accents when they sing, especially classically trained singers. This is mainly because most singers are taught to use "pure vowels" when singing and to more precisely enunciate consonants, which makes their diction when singing clearer and easier to under ( Full Answer )

Why do singers loose their accents when singing?

Many singers modify their pronunciation while singing in order to have their words be better understood. Also, some vowel sounds blend in the music better when they are not pronounced with a strong accent.

Why do Brits sing in an American accent?

It shows that only American Non Regional is the correct and easiest way to sing. All other accents are contrived, region quirks, over or under pronouncing Rs being the most common. Usually you can chalk it up to lazy.

What accent do people from the south of Ireland have?

People in the south of Ireland have different accents. There is notone single accent. Like anywhere in the world, different areas havedifferent accents, even when those areas are close together. Sothere are lots of different accents in the south of Ireland,depending on where exactly you are.