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Why don't police swat teams use machine guns grenades bombs etc?

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Police forces are tasked with maintaining the peace, which means apprehending suspects without large scale destruction of property or loss of life. Those results are difficult to avoid when using the kind of heavy weapons you specify. You've seen one too many action movies. My cousin is in the SWAT Team for Vancouver, B.C., and they do really try to talk the person(s) out of the situation, but always have a good aim on their target. They will use tear gas and also dogs. By using the weapons you mentioned that could injure innocent by-standers or shopkeepers and possibly blow out half a city block.

2006-09-02 08:24:09
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What is the purpose of grenades?

There are three kinds of grenades. Antipersonnel grenades are used against people. There are fragmentation grenades, which break up when they explode and scatter, at high speeds, pieces of metal which injure or kill whoever you used the grenade against. There are also distraction grenades which create a loud noise and bright flash of light to stun the target...while they're stunned, you can rush in and take them into custody. (SWAT teams love distraction grenades.) Smoke grenades produce thick clouds of smoke. There are white smoke grenades used to conceal troop movements, and colored smoke grenades used for signaling. Product-delivery grenades come in two varieties. The first are White Phosphorous (willy-pete), which is an incendiary agent. The other are Tear Gas grenades.

What are Police special weapons and tactical teams are popularly known as?

SWAT teams.

What is Germany's soccer teams nickname?

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What kind of police van is used for a drug raid?

The A-Teams van.

What formal teams are in the police force?

There are a variety of formal teams within the police force. Some of these include the canine unit, the SWAT team, police detective and criminal investigator, helicopter patrol, street crime and gang unit, as well as internal affairs.

Do the fire marshalls have swat teams and air support like the regular police?


In baseball what is the Big Red Machine?

The Big Red Machine was the nickname for the Cincinnati Reds baseball teams from the years 1970 -1976.

What machine dealt the final blow of the end of the usage of dog teams?


Will community policing result in the demise of swat teams?

Unlikely. As long as there are specially threatening criminals, special reaction police teams will be needed.

What kind of soldier uses a gun with a stand or support underneath?

What type of solider... there are several. You would seem to be referring to a machine gun, mounted on a tripod. Aside from machine gun teams in infantry units, they'll be used by several other personnel.. helicopter crewmen, military police.. even cooks may be assigned them.

What are the benefits of informal teams in the police?

Some one who act like a street addict

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Did 1940 British police have guns?

The only police to use firearms in the UK, are specialised groups such as the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, or special teams within territorial police forces. When the metropolitan police force was established, officers did not carry guns.

How many troops from Mongolia are involved with the ISAF in Afghanistan?

There are 195 working as Police Mentor Teams.

What are the benefits of formal teams in the police?

Most police and law enforcement work on teams depending on what their job function is and their department. The benefits of having a formal team is that everyone understands their job function and role and they are able to execute their tasks efficiently with little confusion.

Who will help us in a volcanic eruption?

Local governments, emergency response teams, public safety teams, and police are just a few agencies who assist the public during disasters.

What is a dream machine used for?

A dream machine is the term given usually in science fiction to something that is a perfect or ideal machine. The term is also sometimes used of sporting teams that seem to dominate their particular sport such as football or soccer.

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Which policing strategy reorganizes conventional patrol strategies into integrated and versatile police teams assigned to a fixed district?

team policing

Do college town police have fewer problems when sport teams are doing well?

Yes they do have an easier job if the team is doing well.

What policing strategh reorganizes conventional patrol strategies into integtrated and versitle police teams assigned to a fixed district?

team policing

What are the benefits of temporary teams in the police?

The benefit is that well trained officers from different police forces work together to get a job done with there expert plans this helps getting a work done faster without no problems.

What are the people who search for missing people after tornadoes called?

They are simply called search and rescue teams. There is no special designation for such people, and teams may be made up of police, paramedics, firefighters, and even just good samaritans.

What was the B-52 and what could it do?

During the Vietnam War the B52 Stratofortress was a SAC heavy bomber (Strategic Air Command). The best thing about it was the NVA couldn't shoot it down because it flew so high and dropped 108 750lb general purpose high exposive bombs on a single pass. The SAM ground defense teams in North Vietnam could shoot it down, but not the NVA in South Vietnam. One B52 dropped more bombs than ten WWII B17 bombers. Vietnam's "general purpose" HE bombs are today called iron or dumb bombs due to todays SMART BOMBs.

What are the differences between a swat team and normal police?

SWAT teams are highly trained police officers that have the right to breach any one property in order to protect the greater good of the society. Normal police also protects the greater good of the society, but their area is limited only to regular crimes.