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Salt water fish have to ability to reduce the amount of salt entered into their body

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Q: Why don't salt water fish taste salty?
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What do salty water fish eat?

dont you mean saltwater fish?

What does fish taste like?

Fish can taste a bit salty and mild.

Why do salt water fish not taste salty?

this is why: Salt water fish have to ability to reduce the amount of salt entered into their body

Is saltwater fish salty?

Nope all fish taste neutral not salty not fresh neutral

What is the fish that migrates from fresh water to salty water?


Why fish lives in salty water?

There is plenty of fish in the salty region in the world like; sharks, eels, pretty fishies.

What is located at 48 degrees north latitude and 48 degrees west longitude?

Fish, and salty water. COLD salty water. Cold DEEP salty water.

Can salty water fish live in fresh water and can fresh water fishes live in salty water?

No they cannot, its why they're so called.

Is water in all fish ponds salty?

Well it depends on the fish. If it is a fresh water fish then it lives in fresh water, salt water fish live in salt water.

How can you make your vagina smell and taste better?

dont wash it it would taste like fish for fish lovers, they will love it

Does a craw fish live in salty or fresh water?

They live in fresh water.

Where does a cod fish live?

in a salty water like ocean

Why do cats eat fish but dont like water?

your comparing two different things, cats love the taste of fish not the environment they live in. cats naturally don't like water

Does girls' vaginal discharge smell like fish?

No, she can if she doesn't clean up there. and depending on if she masturbates or not, her cum will taste sweet if she does, if she doesn't it will taste salty.

Why is lake water not salty?

it is not salty because in the ocean there are rocks which contain salt and animals such as fish poo and pee in the water and in the lakes none of that happens

What happens to a freshwater fish if placed in saltwater?

The freshwater fish will die as all the salty in the surrounding water will draw out the water from the fish causing dehydration.

Which bony fish can live in both fresh and salty water?


What is the best way to eat salty water fish?

with a fork and knife

Can fish survive in salty water?

it depends on the type of fish if it's a saltwater fish then yes but if its a freshwater fish u have to see

What problem do salty water fish have?

Their main problem is their owners inability to look after their water properly.

Do fish taste salty?

Not normally. A fresh fish, saltwater or freshwater, smells clean and tastes clean. Fish don't absorb too much of the salt they encounter anyway, even saltwater fish.

What do penguins eat or drink?

Penguins eat fish and drink salty water.

Is the water salty where puffer fish live?

yes it is because it lives in the ocean.

Why can't you put a saltwater fish into fresh water?

this is because the gills of a saltwater fish are addicted of salty water that is why it cannot survive in freshwater

Why do most fishes prefer fresh water than salty water?

it denpents were the fish is from the ocean or fresh water lakes