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Or did it never go away? Sometimes Mono can hang around for a while. But if you truly have been getting it several different times, you should see a specialist.

Mono is nicknamed the Kissing Disease. It is very infectious. Change your boy friend or girl friend, they may be giving it to you.

You don't just get mono from kissing. It travels by saliva. You could get it just by being next to someone when they cough or sneeze. Me for example, I've never kissed anyone my whole life.. yet I got mono.. and the doctor said it was probably from being on a plane with several other people. You cannot get mono more than once. It may seem that way, because you will feel fine for even MONTHS before the symptoms come back again. But really you never got rid of it. Which is why doctors say, if your symptoms go away, DO NOT stop treating your mono for another TWO WEEKS AFTER. STAY IN BED AND REST ANYWAYS.

The principal cause of Mono is the Epstein- Barr virus.In persons with normal immune systems, the virus eventually does just become so dormant in the system , it is practically unnoticeable without very specific tests. In others , it never really withdraws from our system. If it become active again as Mono, the person affects may have an auto immune disease. Many types of Leukemia have been connected with the Epstein Barr virus staying active and the immune system not being able to fight it off. There are a lot of tests that can be done to find out why this infection is reoccurring. The patient may need immunotherapy to strengthen their immune system. But it is something that shouldn't be ignored.

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Q: Why don't some people ever develop immunity to Infectious Mononucleosis and actually relapse multiple times?
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