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They haven't said other than religious reasons but they seem to follow a few Old Testament laws for some reason. The OT prohibits the consumption of pork, an unclean animal.

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Q: Why don't the duggars eat pork?
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What meat do the duggars not eat?


Why do the Duggars - who are Independent Baptist - not eat pork?

One Wikianswerers opinion: It is unclean meat ... Jesus didn't eat pork either...

Why some cristians dont eat pork?

Christians eat pork, it's the Jews and Muslims who don't eat pork, it's part of their customs and traditions.

What food can musilm eat or not eat?

we eat what normal people eat exept for pork we dont eat it.

Should you give your dog pork?

yes you should give your dog pork because they eat meat they dont eat sweet's or fruit meat

Why dont certain religions eat pork?

It is per God command

Can a Muslim give away pork?

No its HARAM dont eat it or sell it

What is it called when you dont eat pork?

Religious!! The Jews and the Muslims do not eat pork. Not only was it stated in the Bible that we should not eat pork, but doctors are beginning to see just how dangerous it can be to eat. Worms can grow in your brain, arteries can be blocked, and you can even get illnesses from it.

What golden retrivers don't eat?

golden retrivers dont eat CHOCOLATE,PORK,GRAPES,RAISINS

Why dont they eat pork?

Pork is not allowed per Islam and Judaism religion requirements. Refer to question below for more information.

Why do the Duggars not eat pork I an Independent Baptist as are the Duggars and the Bible does not prohibit eating anything?

Some Christians or bible believers, believe that Torah (old law) is still to be followed this day in age, whereas most believers believe that Torah was fulfilled with Christ's death and resurrection. It sounds to me like they follow Torah which prohibits eating pork. Its all in how you read the bible and where your convictions are.

Muslims eat pork?

No. They don't eat pork.

If you dont eat pig are you jewish?

it takes more than not eating pig or pork to be considered a jew. Its' rather the other way around, if you consider yourself a jew, you should not eat pork.

Does Islam religion eat beef?

yes im a masalm and we eat beef but we dont eat pork, only halal beef, chicken ect

Does a Hindu eat pork?

Yes, they eat pork but they don't eat beef.

Does malays eat pork?

no Malay don't eat pork

When Islam can eat the pork?

Muslims don't eat pork

Do people from India eat pork?

Hindus eat pork

Why don't Arabics eat pork?

Only the Arab Muslims don't eat pork. Arab Christians eat pork.

Does cheddar cheese contains pork in it?

No they dont have pork

Why don't they eat pork?

Perhaps you mean the Muslims. They don't eat pork because Almighty Allah has forbidden them to eat pork.

Is it safe to eat pork meat and pork products?

If pork products are properly cooked, they are safe to eat.

Are muslims not allowed to eat pork?

Yes. They are not allowed to eat pork.

Does meaghan jette martin eat pork?

yes she eat pork

Why do malays not eat pork?

The Malays are Muslims.Thus they don't eat pork