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The guages an turn signals are on one fuse, and the blower is on another.... Maybe you have blown both ?? i repeat : check all your ground wires

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1998 Nissan Pathfiner the speedometer and heat gauge quit workin?

1998 Nissan Pathfinder the speedometer and heat gauge quit workin?

Where is blower motor resistor at Nissan Pathfinder 1990?

under the glove box. on the heater assembaly there is a rectangle piece of plastic with 2 bolts and a 4 or 5 pin heavy gauge wire harness attached to it

Which fuse is for speedometer tachometer temperature gauge in Nissan Pathfinder?

Try checking Fuse #7 10amp under the dash. This is for a 1997 model.

89 pathfinder fuel gauge temp gauge quit functioning?

I just fixed this on my Pathfinder. It is the voltage regulator on the top of the cluster.

Why does your fuel gauge not work on your 1990 Nissan Pathfinder?

its a transistor located behind the cluster panel.usually cost 45 dollars from nissan......symptons are usually empty fuel reading and temp reading are nil. If fuel gauge goes from empty to full can be ground wire problems.

Where is the fuel gauge fuse on 1988 pathfinder?

whear is the fuil gage fuse on a 1988 pathfinder

What is the fuel tank capacity for a 1995 Nissan pathfinder?

I thin it is about 12 - 15 gallons somewhere in between there. My book says 21.1. I have put in 18 gallons with the tank gauge touching "E"

Where is the fuel rail schrader valve on a 1997 pathfinder?

The 1997 Nissan Pathfinder does not have a schrader valve. If you want to test the fuel pressure system (fuel pump, lines, pressure regulator) you have to insert a 'T' in the fuel line under the hood and connect a fuel pressure gauge to the 'T'.

Why would the oil pressure gauge fuel gauge and the engine temperature gauge quit working on a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 with a VG30 3.0L 6-cylinder?

It is possible a fuse blew. Check all fuses. If none blown take it to a garage. Check the instrument cluster voltage regulator.

Why would a 1999 Nissan altima temperature gauge fluctuate and car is not overheating?

My Altima had that problem and it was the water pump going out. It started with temperature gauge was moving, but then it started leaking and finally the heater stopped being warm at idle.

Your temperature gauge fluctuates when you turn the heater on?

Temperature gauge may drop when heater turned on because additional coolant from heater core is introduced to cooling system - usually this coolant is cooler than what is currently circulating

1998 transport over heating. when the temp gauge is normal heater is blowing hot when temp gauge gets hot heater blows cool replaced thermostate Why would it be over heating?

This would indicate that the system is low on coolant when the gauge is hot. Not enough coolant to service the heater core.

Why is antifreeze blowing out through the rad cap and overflow of my 1990 Nissan Pathfinder while cold air is blowing from heater Bad thermostat or water pump?

Bad news, sounds like a head gasket. The coolant is blown out because the exaust is going into the water passage. The heater is cold because there is not enough water to reach it. Your temp. gauge should be hot very quickly. Take the radiator cap off, stand back, and crank the motor. If water shoots out, it's a headgasket, cracked head, or cracked block.

No hot air from a 1994 dodge ram heater?

Answerheater core will most likely be the problem Answerheater core will most likely be the problem Had same problem. Is your temp gauge reading normal? If temp gauge is reading low after driving awhile, may be the thermostat stuck open. If so, easier fix than heater coil.

What would make your fuel gauge move?

On a car, there is a float inside your gas tank. It is attached to a switch that sends the empty.....full signals to your fuel gauge.

What would cause the temp gauge on a 2000 Nissan Altima to raise to hot and car is not overheating gauge just moves up and down and the fan comes on?

A faulty thermostat might cause the temp gauge on the 2000 Nissan Altima to raise to hot when the car is not overheating. A faulty thermostat can cause the gauge to move up and down and might even turn the fan on.

Your temperature gauge indicates overheating but water and oil levels are fine and heater works what is wrong?

If you are absolutely sure you do not have air trapped in your cooling system then you may have a defective gauge if you are getting heat through your heater. Usually I would say you have a coolant flow problem with either a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump but if you have heat from your heater, then you must have circulating coolant in your system. I would check the gauge or the sensor.

Why would voltage gauge move when turn signal is on in a 1997 Chevy blazer?

The voltage gauge on the Blazer is not the most accurate (cheap) When using the signals the voltage draw on the system is enough to make the gauge move slightly.

What wire gauge and amperage for a 1600 watt wall heater?

1600 watts is unusually low for electric baseboard heaters! These usually are rated at about 6000 watts.Typical electric baseboard heaters operate on 220 volts thus you heater would pull about 7.3 amperes and 16 gauge wire can easily handle this.A standard 6000 watt baseboard heater pulls about 27 amperes and needs 10 gauge wire.

Your rpm gauge in your Nissan 100 NX stays real low why?

How fast are you going and what gear are you in???

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