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Look at the wiring bundle that feeds the headlights. The wires will eventually break because of the constant up & down flexing of the wire bundle (motorized hidden headlamps). The problem will likely be found within inches of where the bundle is secured to the inside of the popup headlight carrier (where the flexing would be concentrated).

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On a 1996 Sable the headlamps stay on though the switch turns off the 'parking lights' yellow?

You probably have a faulty headlight switch. Replace it and that should fix it. Been there, done that.

How much does it cost to replace an automatic transmission in a Honda Accord?

I had mine replaced (2004 Accord V6) at a Honda dealer and the total was $3,500. Honda paid $2,500 of this even though it was out of warranty. Call Honda, as it does not hurt to ask.

Does a 3004 Honda Accord have a timing belt?

Don't know. A 2004 Accord has one, though.

Will 2001 2002 Honda accord tail lights fit on a 1999 accord?

OEM ones? or Aftermarket? I doubt it though since the reverse lights are on the bottom on the 01-03, there are wiring differences. Umm I have a feeling they will, if there are wiring problems it would be pretty easy to do a legit Mod to get them in Actualy they fit, fisicaly are the same, just have to do some electric change but is not a big deal.

What could cause the blinkers and hazards not to work on a 87 Honda accord even though the fuse and the lights are good?

bad or wrong bulds....bad connections at the grounds...etc...you can find wiring diagrams at the library.:)

Does a 03 dx Honda Accord have cruise control?

No it does not. You can add it though.

Are the cooling and heating mode buttons -examples - panel-floor - defrost - in a 1996 Honda Accord supposed to light up when the headlights are on?

not with just your daytime running lights. but when you turn your park lights and low beams on, it should light up. not that big of a deal though

Can we be replaced and are being replaced by robots?

we can i don't know if we are though.... its hard to answer..... we will just have to wait and see.

I replaced the battery in my 1999 Subaru Legacy and the hazard lights come on even though the button is not pushed in I read on another question here what you should do but it's not working?

Maybe you have a security system? If you do, as soon as you hook up the battery, it will engage and your lights will flash. You will have to disable it in order to make it stop.

I have a 97 Chevy Venture van and my parking lights stay on. I have replaced all bulbs and the switch for the lights and they stay on even when the van is off. Please help...?

You have what is called a back feed, where you have wires striped and touching. So start at the lights and start to trace the wires until you find the exsposed wires. This might take some time though.

Was there guillotine in the Tower of London?

yes it was replaced by a monument though

Where is the lamp on my MH7130XEQ microwave oven?

The lights are controlled though the control board which will have to be replaced, have seen this many times before, this board is part number (NNN) NNN-NNNN and cost about $175 so i can't tell you what to do but i would wait until more needs done before replacing the board just for the lights.

Can flashing lights cause autisim?

NO! Flashing lights causes seizures, NOT autism. An autistic child may be entranced in them, though...

Why doesn't my 1995 Jeep wrangler brake lights work The lights work though. I replaced the brake switch and checked all the fuses.?

I have the same problem with my 1998 wrangler, I have been told it is the Multi-function switch in the steering column, but I have not changed it yet, can't seem to find it at local auto parts store!

What bones can be replaced and you remain a normal life?

Hip and knee bones can be replaced with an artifical device. A bone can be mended, have screws put in it or replaced. A metal plate can be replace a section of the skull. Not all bones can be replaced, though.

What color flashing lights for my truck?

In almost every state it is against the law to put flashing red lights on your car. You though put flashing white lights in most states.

Would a 2006 Honda Accord 9 spoke wheel fit in 2004 Honda Accord?

Yes , I have the 9 spoke rims on my 2004 accord. You will have to go with 50 series tires though to keep your speedo accurate. The bolt pattern is the same and offset is the same. 17 X6.5 rims

How often do you change transmission oil 2004 Honda Accord?

I change my 2009 every 15000 miles The 2004 Honda Accord owners manual recommends changing it at 120,000 miles under normal service or every 60,000 miles under severe service. However I own a 2004 and the transmission in the 2003-04 Accord is not very reliable. Mine was replaced under warranty at 70,000 miles even though I changed the fluid at 60,000. Use the severe service interval and change the fluid every 60,000 miles and hope it holds up.

What do you do if your tail lights do not work while driving though brake lights work fuses and bulbs are good?

on some cars the tail lights and brake lights are totally different bulbs gain access to the bulbs and have someone push the brakes so that you can determine which bulbs are the brake lights and replace the tail lights

How do you change lights in 2005 Yukon steering wheel?

The whole switch has to be replaced. The bad thing is its Not covered under extended warranty so if the volume control still works but just the backlight is out then they won't cover it. Even though its all part of the switch.

What is the 4 red lights of the ring of death mean on an xbox 360?

it means There is a hardware failure Within the System's Motherboard, Even though it's just Glue, it can be replaced at a Price. If its under a Warranty You will Most Likely have to pay 100 - 200$ for a Replacement.

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