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Well leagally your daughter is your responsibility untll she is 18 so, I guess it works the same but if you support your daughters kid then you basically do have the rights don't you?

AnswerIn most states Grandparents have many rights to their Grandchildren. So much so they have created laws to help protect our rights. I am raising my 16 year old daughter and helping by supporting my 4 month old Grandson both financially and emotionally. I have often thought about what I would do if something happened and I did not have access to seeing or being around him. I am going to check with the Court House regarding the laws of my state as to what rights I do have with my daughter living in my house and for the future when she chooses not to. Thankfully, I am a very supportive mother to my child and even though this was not planned my daughter is so blessed to have her son and would not change any decisions that she has made up to this time. Also, the father of the child is in the picture and we are at this time figuring out child support and visitation. He is a good person and I am also thankful for him being in his son's life. AnswerI just want to add a personal opinion. It was two months after my 15th b-day when i gave birth to my daughter. I lived at home until i finished highschool and both me and my parents say that i took soul responsibility for my child but also i could not have gone to school and have a part time job and still be able to drop off and pick up my child from daycare everyday if i did not have my parents support. i tell them often now that i could not have done it with out them. I still needed to beable to be my parents child and feel loved in this manner from them. I could not have been able to financially support myself on my part time job and still find time to be a single mother and a student. You are the only one who knows how many hours you are babysitting or parenting. i did not go to parties and hang out with my friends after school but i was on the swim team which i lettered in and i worked as a CNA on a work release program that my school offered. I did move out within two months of graduating from highschool because i felt that i need to be a parent and support my child but my mother always saw me as a child herself and found a lot of things that she would do different. But all and all in the end i raised her from 3 on living on are own and she is now a well rounded, well adjusted nine year old who does very well in school and has a great personality, very helpful and caring. you need to separate in your own mind if you are just not seeing what your daughter really is doing or if you are raising her child for her. you can adopt the child by going through leagel services if she is not doing it herself but remember she still sees herself as your little girl regardless and that may expain some of her immaturity towards you. Answeru can fight her for custody if u support the baby and she doesnt do anything even if she is 14 she still has to care for her child and if she doesnt then somebody has to and if dhs finds out she doesnt she can have the baby taken away so it would be in the babys best interest to get custody
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Does your 15 year old daughter have any rights to her unborn child?

Yes, her God-given natural rights. You should care for and support her and your unborn grandchild.

Do you have parental rights to your daughter and her son?

You do not have parental rights to your grandchild. Only his parents do.

When Grandchild has been living in home of mother and grandmother for four years will the grandmother have visitation rights to the grandchild?

In most jurisdictions, grandparents never receive visitation rights as an automatic process. Any such rights must be specifically sought from and granted by a court, and are not yet very common.

Does father have to pay arrears in child support up to termination of rights date to grandparents that are adopting grandchild?

It depends on what the courts decide as to the law. However in terms of what is right, the father should continue to pay child support until the children are 18 or out of high school.

Can you claim exemption if the child you pay child support for is your grandchild?

No, the provisions of IRS law only address this based on time spent with each parent. I assume your son is underage? See Dads House at link below about his rights as well as child support issues.

Does One Direction support gay rights?

They do support gay rights :)

Does the husband of a grandmother have any rights to the grandchild?

The husband of a grandmother is often the grandfather. In general, however, grandparents do not have rights to a grandchild unless the parents are dead or legally incapacitated and the grandparents are the closest competent relatives. Even then, a court must first assign custody to the grandparents, it does not come automatically.

Is a grandparent allowed to take a grandchild out of the home for vacations?

With the custodial parents permission, they do not have any inherent rights to do so.

What rights do grandparents have for their underage daughter who has a baby?

None specifically stated under law, but circumstances of age and ability to care for oneself, as well as a child, are considerations in establishing a need for guardianship of the grandchild. These are issues that may require court involvement with an uncooperative mother.

If the daughter gets pregnant is her father ordered to pay child support on her child?

No. The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child. That responsibility belongs to the biological father of the unborn child assuming that the pregnancy is not terminated nor the child placed for adoption or parental rights terminated by the court.

What rights do parents have regarding their 15 year old pregnant daughter?

Only the pregnant female can legally make decisions regarding the baby. She and the father are the ones deciding what will happen after birth. You have the right to support her as before. The father and your daughter will have to pay for their child. So basically nothing has changed for you regarding your rights.

Can you travel out of state with temporary custody of your grandchild?

yes, as long as it does not include a relocation, and does not interfere with a parent's access rights schedule.

What to do when rights are taken from a dad that wants relationship with daughter?

That depends on who took the dad's rights away. If the mother of the daughter has taken his rights, he can go to court. If the courts have taken his rights, he can reform himself then file an appeal.

Can half sister stop grandmother from seeing her grandson?

FOR MY OPINON NO BECAUSE GRANDMOTHER IS BLOOD AND ELDERLY AND HALF SISTER IS IN BY MARRIAGE SO YOU DON'T COME IN A FAMILY AND DISREPECT ELDERLY If the half-sister is the mother of the grandchild, or has legal custody of the grandchild through other means, she may have the authority to stop the grandmother fro seeing her grandchild, depending on whether the state in which the grandchild lives has laws establishing grandparents' rights.

Your 9 year old daughter wants to live with her dad if you let her can you lose your rights?

With out a court order, I do not think you will lose anything but you could have to pay child support.

Does the grandmother have rights to her grandchild?

It's up to the parent of the child, if the parents don't agree you can always take them to court. Depends on the situation.

If you pay child support do you have rights to your children?

you have the rights to your children because its your money and love that you paid for child support

Can your child support be reduced if you have visitation rights?

child support and visitation rights are two totally different things. The answer is no.

Why does Christianity not support rights for women?

...It does support there rights. The only thing they may not do is become a priest and sometimes even they do.

Your ex girlfriend will not give you access to your daughter and will not undergo a DNA test?

Two choices. A): Get a lawyer. B): bribe her with child support money. If the kid is yours, legally you can't be denied rights if you're paying child support.

Does relinquishing parental rights stop child support in Alabama?

If you relinquish your parental rights, you are still not going to get child support payments. The child support is for the child.

Is a father's rights terminated if he pays child support?

Paying child support will not cause the father to lose his parental rights - neither will not paying child support.

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